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Restaurant Jaan – Best views of the Marina Bay*

Restaurant Jaan – Best views of the Marina Bay*

Singapore is famous for its street food. But besides all the goodness on the street it has a large number of excellent gourmet establishments. One that stands out is Jaan. There are many great restaurants in Singapore but not all of them come with a view like you get at Jaan. Located on the 70th floor Swissotel The Stamford, you get a undisturbed view of the Marina Bay. There are very few places where you can get that experience.


The well balanced 8 course menu is and wine pairing show hint of international cuisine. With a wink to local street food in mind. For the vegetarian, a vegetarian menu is available. That has always been one of our points to look after.


Chef Kirk Westaway born in small town in the Southwest of England starting his career at age 14. Starting of as a washer he worked his way up to the kitchen and started making the first steps of his path. The following years he gained more and more experience, taking a step up every single time. In 2011 he received an invitation to work as a sous chef at Jaan. An opportunity he took with both hands. In 2014 Jaan ranked 17th in the Asia’s 50 best restaurants and 11th in 2015. Not long after that the head chef Julien Royer announced his depart. At that point Westaway was given the opportunity to take his place. Many discouraged him thinking he could not live up to the expectation. Despite that Westaway took the job. His hard work paid off and Jaan was awarded a Michelin star in 2016.


Photo Credit: Restaurant Jaan

As we often discover, it is not always about the food. The story behind the food and the chef give meaning to your dishes and experience. Knowing the story when you walk through the doors of Jaan will enhance your experience. It gives you the perfect start to an evening full of delicious wonders while you look outside your window.

Book your table here and do not forget to ask for a window seat.

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