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Spa Eastmen Montreal

Spa Eastmen Montreal
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Spa Eastman Montreal

While we were in New York we met the lovely ladies of Spa Eastman and they invited us to come and enjoy a spa weekend in Canada. One of the lovely perks of traveling full time and not having a fixed planning. We decided that a weekend of not working so hard and relaxing was exactly what we needed. So, after our time in New York, we drove all the way to Montreal, Canada.

The drive took us about 6,5 hours and it was in the middle of the night when we arrived. A lovely lady from reception was waiting for us and even prepared some delicious healthy snacks. Once we settled in into our cabin in the woods we were ready to get a good night’s rest to start our relaxing weekend. When we laid down on our massive bed we noticed that it had some wires attached to it. We had a massage bed in our cabin?! The superior room in the pavilion is the only one equipped with a queen NeuroBed. The NeuroSpa mattress produces music and enveloping physical sensations for deep relaxation, thus contributing to the elimination of the harmful effects of accumulated stress, muscle pain and chronic fatigue. This was just what we needed after that long drive.

The next morning, we discovered the winter wonderland we got ourselves into. Spa Eastman is located on a 326-acre estate offering an unobstructed view of Mount Orford. The site acts as a veritable vacation village with seven lodging pavilions, 15 km of trails and a wellness complex. Spa Eastman hosts one restaurant and it is quite a unique one. It offers a gastronomical experience we have never had before: tonic cuisine.

What is Tonic Cuisine?

The concept of tonic cuisine is created by Spa Eastman. It is based on four principles.

  • Healthy, mostly organic, non-GMO, local and seasonal ingredients
  • Gluten-free flours and cereals such as millet, buckwheat, brown rice and fava bean
  • Nut kinds of milk, coconut, soy, rather than dairy products and their derivatives
  • Meat, poultry, and fish cooked at low temperature with particular attention to food combinations

These four combined have a whole range of health benefits such as more energy, easier digestion, better sleep and more. We were very surprised with the effects and would love to eat like this all the time.

Nordic baths & activities

After having breakfast, we checked out the activity calendar and decided to spend the morning at the Nordic baths. All packages include unlimited access to “Eastman-les-Bains”. The complex includes two outdoor spas, outdoor and indoor pool, infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, hammam, igloo shower and a Kneipp circuit to cool down. Besides relaxing in the Nordic baths Spa Eastman offers a lot of activities. Every evening there is a workshop where you learn more about health and mindstyle.


We didn’t try any of the activities but we did try different treatments to help us unwind. Stéphanie had the privilege to try out watsu. This is basically a massage in a warm water bath. It combines the benefits of a Shiatsu massage and the healing power of water. The therapist practices cradling, stretching, fluid movements and Shiatsu techniques while your body floats freely. After Watsu, she had an amazing deep tissue massage to destress the muscles completely. Peter tried the Lomi-atsu massage. This type of massage is a fusion of lomi-lomi (Hawaiian massage) and shiatsu. We were so relaxed after this that we wanted to stay in Spa Eastman forever!

Meeting the owners

We wanted to know more who created this little piece of heaven in Canada. Luckily we had lunch planned with the couple who started the spa. It has been around for over 40 years and has won multiple awards for being the best spa in Canada.

After a journey to India Jocelyna Dubuc came back with a big dream. To create a spa that works holistic and creates health benefits for everyone. Her vision is to enable her guests to take the first steps in the active process of improving their overall well-being. The spa is committed to helping people change their lifestyle to move towards a state of optimal health. We connected over the fact that Jocelyna also has a background in education and wanted to create an environment where every aspect of a person is being helped. We can see that she made her dream a reality.

We are so in love with the project and Spa Eastman as a whole that we could keep on writing. Finding the perfect words to describe this place is hard. This place alone is worth a visit to Canada. Please go here and book your stay now.

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