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In a city known for its high standards for food, Pur’ is one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. It is hard competing in a city that has more starred restaurants than some of the neighboring countries. What makes it even harder is the fact it is located in a hotel.

It is arguable whether or not being situated in a hotel is favorable or if it might be a disadvantage. Whatever you believe, Chef Jean-Francois Roquette sees it as a challenge. He started at restaurant Pur’, located in the Park Hyatt Vendôme Paris, in 2005.

Jean-Francois Roquette is in possession of one of the most impressive resumes in France. Having worked with chefs as Christian Constant, Philippe Legendre, and Christian Willer. With a passion for food from all over the word and having traveled to all corners of the world, Jean-Francois Roquette has developed a very own and recognizable style. You could say he puts his signature on his dishes with the use of flowers.

Everything in restaurant Pur’ is aiming for perfection. Not only the dishes have to be of the highest standard, the service and even the look of the restaurant needs to be spotless. In charge of this task is restaurant manager Cyril Bruneau.

Cyril Bruneau is someone with an eye for perfection. Not only is he passionate about fine dining, he is also passionate about his work. If you start your dinner early enough, before most guests start to walk in, if you look carefully, you will notice he will have a quick check on the tables making sure that even the seams are perfect and that not even one wrinkle survived his eye for perfection.

The French style in the dishes give a nice contrast to the modern feel of the restaurant. The room is slightly darkened to set the mood, and because the kitchen is half open, it has to be slightly darkened as well, making the conditions for the staff to work in a little more difficult. To not ruin the romantic atmosphere that is created, menus come with a small light so it is more enjoyable to read them. After your meal, when heading home, you will be given a small package to take home. A gift from award winning Pâtissier Jimmy Mornet. A small bag with cookies to enjoy the next morning with your coffee or tea. It is these little details that proof the philosophy of restaurant Pur’. Elegancy, perfection and care.


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