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Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay
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Kempinski Soma Bay

If you’re the type of traveler who loves being near an ocean (or any body of water really), the Kempinski Hotel in Soma Bay should be your next destination. Wherever you look, you’re either met by a charming man-made pond or a gorgeous view of the Red Sea coast. 

Did that catch your attention? Here’s our thoughts on this hotel:

The Ambiance and Location

Soma Bay is one of the main Red Sea’s resort destinations. There’s many neighboring luxury hotels nearby but Kempinki’s style and ambience is what caught our attention the most. There’s something ancient and traditional architecture. 

In fact, Kempinski is inspired by Moorish architecture for its ambience but their hospitality is Egyptian-inspired to its core.  Staying there will make you feel like you’re actually experiencing the best of Egypt. The best feature of the location is that Soma Bay is more secluded than other destinations in Egypt. On top of that, Kempinski Soma Bay is at the far end of the bay giving you the most privacy and also the calmest part of the beach.

While others see the hotel as just an accommodation for a night or two, Kempinski Hotel in Soma Bay is actually a destination in itself. Being in Soma Bay means that you have the Red Sea right at your front door. Other than swimming, we recommend going diving so you can experience the beauty of the nearby corals. 

They also hold events that pays tribute to tradition. They have Oriental Nights every Friday where they have a one-of-a-kind buffet and a vivacious Oriental Show. 

Kempinski_Soma_Bay_Afternoon_TeaThe Rooms

Remember when we said that you’ll see a body of water every way you look at Kempinski? That sentiment extends to their rooms. We personally stayed at the Junior Suite and absolutely enjoyed the views we had. Our balcony was facing the beach and could enjoy a sunset right from our room. The rustic design, combined with a hint of Egyptian architecture fit perfectly with the feeling you get walking through the streets.

Kempinski_Soma_Bay_RoomThe Food

You won’t go hungry in Kempinski. In fact, choosing which restaurant to dine in will most likely be your problem than actually finding one. They have six restaurants, bars, lounges waiting to cater to your cravings and the kind of dining experience you want! 

Our personal favorite is Bamboo Shoot. Asian inspired cuisine that provides a nice contrast and is a great addition to the local cuisine you can find in the other restaurants. And surprise, surprise, they have a great selection of sushi.

Do try the signature dish, the savory Sengari Fish Fillet with Spicy Sayadeya Sauce at Al Mar, if you’d like the complete Kempinski Hotel experience!

Kempinski_Soma_Bay_CoconutThe Laguna Club

A feature found in most luxury city hotels is the club lounge or executive lounge. Something we do not often find at resorts. Kempinski Soma Bay has something similar called the Laguna Club. One thing is sure. Most club/executive lounges offer a limited variety of food. This is an area where the Luguna Club excelles. The buffet style setup with some dishes being prepared to order, offers an F&B experience we have not often seen in lounges. It is equal to the level of variety you would expect from a restaurant. On top of that, the lounge is large and has plenty of seating to eat, work or meet.

Perfect for…

While we do think its accommodations are fit for everyone, we can specifically imagine the hotel serving as a relaxing respite for hard working business travelers or entrepreneurs who’d like to forget about work for a while to just relax. Newly-married couples will also find this a perfect hotel for a honeymoon. 

You can book through their website here

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay
PO Box 15, Safaga 84711
Soma Bay, Egypt

Phone: +20 10 6880 1990
Fax: +20 65 3561600
Email Contact: reservation.somabay@kempinski.com

What about Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay caught your attention? Would stay here, yes or no? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Rosana Ottawa
    July 4, 2022, 1:53 am

    Love the pictures, Kempinski Soma Bay looks like a stunning place perfect for celebrating the honeymoon. Thanks for sharing.