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Try These 6 Adventurous Activities in Africa

Try These 6 Adventurous Activities in Africa

For adventurous travelers, going to the vast continent of Africa should really be a part of your bucket list. Activities to try in Africa range from immersing yourself in the citizens’ culture to taking in its environment.

Everywhere you turn, there’s bound to be something worth checking out! For starters, here are some African adventures you might want to add to your list:


Photo: @yorkleong

Sail the Chobe River

Get up close and personal with the hippos of the Chobe River and take in the wide open spaces with a river sailing experience in Botswana’s Chobe River. These cruises are often a part of other adventures, making it a great way to start immersing yourself in the African wildlife.


Photo: @justingovender_

See the Table Mountain

Ever seen a flat mountaintop? You will in Africa. Nestled in the southern part of the continent, it overlooks the beautiful city of Cape Town. It became one of the common activities in Africa as travelers often hike or visit via cableway to truly experience the Table Mountain.


Photo: @zoskaa33

Explore the Sahara Desert

Ride camels and witness sand dune sunsets by exploring the famous Sahara Desert. There are a lot of tours departing from Morocco and some of it even gives you the chance to spend the night and camp in the desert itself.


Photo: @criene

Helicopter flight over Cape Town

There’s a reason why the city is considered as one of the best cities in the world. It became the tourists’ playground since white beaches, two world heritage sites, and nature reserves can be found in this South African city. But if you want to truly experience its beauty, why not witness it from above?


Photo: @skillieskil

Go bungee jumping off Victoria Falls bridge

This should be in every adrenaline junky’s bucket list! If heights don’t shake you, take a leap of faith and dare to jump down 111 meters from the Victoria Falls bridge. This adventure (found along the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe) gives you another thing to tick off the bucket list—it is considered as the largest waterfall in the world after all!


Photo: @raisazwart

Visit a local market in Morocco

Really want to immerse yourself in a country’s culture? Sometimes, nothing represents a country’s culture more than their markets! Buy souvenirs for family, shop for homeware and other goods, get trinkets that will remind you of your African trip, and interact with the locals themselves in a local market in Marrakech.

We’re sure the continent has a lot more to offer than we could count! For now, these are some of the activities to try in Africa that you might want to consider if you’re planning for a memorable getaway. Did any of these adventures pique your interest?

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