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Ritz Carlton – Penha Longa resort

Ritz Carlton – Penha Longa resort
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Ritz Carlton Penha Longa Lisbon

Let us introduce to you the Ritz Carlton Penha Longa Resort. A golf resort near Sintra, Portugal. Just 30 minutes away from Lisbon. Before getting into the hotel, there is a peculiar story with the name. The name Ritz is copyrighted in both Portugal and Spain. Therefor this property is locally referred to as Penha Longa resort.

With that being said, let’s step inside. What we notice right from the start is the secluded location. After driving through the first guarded gates, it is still a 2 minutes’ drive to the front door. Once at the front door you get a view over the golf course and the monastery. The gardens surrounding the hotels and the golf course offer a great exercise with a few hidden buildings and ruins on the property.

Penha_Longa_BreakfastWith the resort located in the hearth of the Sintra area, it is ideal to explore, not only the city, but also all the nearby castles.

Besides the golf course there is another trade that makes this Ritz Carlton property unique. A common trade for Ritz Carlton properties in Asia and the Middle East is a wide selection of food outlets. Something we rarely see in the European properties. Penha Longa is the exception with not less than 8 food outlets. Two of which are crowned with a Michelin star. Both the Japanese fusion restaurant Midori and the innovative restaurant Lab carry a star. The golf and food enthusiast will not be disappointed.

Penha_Longa_OutdoorsOne of the best rooms at Penha Longa will be the executive suite. A corner suite that has views over the golf course and the nearby hills. Depending on the exact rooms, you might also have views over some of the nearby ruins.

The property itself can use an update and renovation. It has not yet adapted the new interior styling you might be familiar with at the newer properties or recently renovated ones. Something not noticeable to all visitors but likely to the frequent traveler and especially Gold and Platinum Marriott Rewards members. The offer outside the property makes up for the slightly outdated interior.

Penha_Longa_RoomA feature that got its looks from exotic locations are the two pools. The two main pools both come with views unheard of in European countries pool areas.

An important side note is the absence of a Club level and Club lounge. All in all, this hotel has plenty to offer but has more potential that isn’t fully used today.

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