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Top 5 things to do in Prague

Top 5 things to do in Prague

Everyone knows the famous Charles bridge in Prague and the must visit old town square in the historic center. But what if you are looking for some more exclusive things to do in Prague? A way to discover Prague in a different way. That is why you landed on this page and we will give you not five but even six exclusive things to do in Prague. Since number 3 is only possible during 4 days in October we added another exclusive activity. Do let us know what other exclusive things we can do in Prague the next time.

Photo: @Speculum Alchemiae

#1 Explore the alchemist museum

Prague is a city that has been around for centuries. This is one of the reasons that you find amazing architecture here. If you are looking to discover one of the oldest houses in Prague, you should definitely visit the alchemist museum called Speculum Alchemiae. Here you can enter the secret passageway under the city. This small museum is truly an exclusive way to experience the magic of Prague. Looking to stay forever young? Hurry yourself to the alchemist museum in Prague to get your hands on the elixir of youth.

Photo: @contento

#2 Indulge yourself on a lot of sugar

There is no way you can escape the desserts in Prague. If there is one thing Czechs love to eat besides meat it will be something with sugar. We can’t get enough of chocolate so visiting the Choco café was a must do for us.  Treat yourself to a hot chocolate with cake and you can skip lunch for sure.

Photo: @Signal Productions

#3 Light festival Signal in October

Plan your trip to Prague in October to see the festival of light. Prague will come to live during the night with lights during four days. SIGNAL festival is the largest cultural event in the Czech Republic, bringing modern art and new technology to a broader audience. For four years the festival has drawn over a million attendees to the streets earning its status as one of the most important festivals of its kind, both in the Czech Republic and on the international stage.

#4 Nibble on nachos with the perfect guacamole dip

This Mexican restaurant uses a lot of avocados every day to make their special guacamole. Just a little more than 20 kilos of these green deliciousness. Agave restaurant is located between the luxurious shopping street of Prague and the street known for its hip restaurants. If you are not into nachos (who isn’t?) they have a splendid collection of different cocktails. Read our own story in restaurant Agave here.

#5 Try typical Czech food in U Modré Kachnicky

Eating the local delicacies is one of the highlights of every trip right? Well, in the Czech Republic they not only love desserts (#2) but also a lot of meat. This restaurant is well known for its traditional dishes. They have two restaurants and are also specialized in wild meat such as deer, duck, boar, … Since we both aren’t that big meat lovers and Stéphanie is even vegetarian we tried the local potato dumplings. Read a full review here.

#6 Visit Kampa – Prague’s artificial island

Kampa is a great park to relax and enjoy a little bit of nature in Prague. Kampa is actually a small artificial island, from one side (from Prague district Malá Strana) it’s separated by a mill ditch Čertovka, with some very old mills, from the other side of the river Vltava. In the park, there are three huge statues of crawling babies by contemporary Czech artist David Černý.

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