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Ritz Carton Budapest

Ritz Carton Budapest
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Ritz Carlton Budapest

Budapest offers a range of high-class hotels and is an exception in Eastern Europe. A Ritz Carlton fits perfectly and unsurprisingly opened its doors in 2016. What previously was managed by Meridien has been converted into a Ritz Carlton. The renovations needed to transform the old hotel into the new Ritz Carlton style are clearly visible. Some even older marks are visible from the time the in 1914 constructed building was still used as an insurance office. One thing that is very noticeable is the lack of a grand entrée or lobby. Something that is not easy to accomplish in the heart of the city. Luckily the location is one of the best with almost everything at a walkable distance.

RC_Budapest_Room2The renovation

Step by step, all Ritz Carltons are being renovated around the world with the new styling in mind. A more modern and contemporary look with brighter colors. Most elements in the room have been adjusted with a few exceptions. The bar and the bathrooms. The bar was added by Le Meridien shortly before Ritz Carlton took over and fits perfectly. The bathrooms have been polished but not replaced. With the majority of the room being brand new, you can clearly notice the difference. They are still up to date and fit the style. Throughout the hotel carpets have been replaced, all furniture is new and the marble has been polished.

RC_Budapest_HallwayThe rooms

One thing that stands out in the new rooms are the beds. Rarely do we come across beds as comfortable as these. Not even at other Ritz Carlton properties. The standard rooms are spacious and the suits very well designed. Depending on the location of your room, you will have a gorgeous view on the new permanent Ferris wheel of Budapest.

Food and Beverages

One of the only aspects the Ritz Carlton Budapest is lacking behind in on their F&B. An element that usually is well refined at Ritz Carlton. The breakfast is minimal for a hotel at this standard and with only one dinner outlet you would not say this property has a lot of variety. The restaurant, called Deak St. Kitchen, is a steakhouse. A surprising choice. Although the quality of the meat is excellent, the choices for non-meat eaters is limited and not of the same quality. The location of the hotels makes up for its lack of choice. There are plenty of great restaurants just around the corner.

RC_Budapest_BalconyClub Lounge

A big selling point for The Ritz Carlton Budapest is the club lounge. The option to use the meeting room on a complimentary basis for a short while is perfect for the business traveler that needs the space for an hour or so. The place is spacious and has excellent staff. We even noticed a member of Les Clefs d’or. Wonderful views compliment the newly renovated space.

Overall it is a great city hotel and with the renovations done has very few competitors. The location, services level, beds and club lounge make it one of the top choices for a short trip to the city of Budapest.

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