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Tourist Exclusive – (n.) one who travels for pleasure and experiences the most unique/luxurious places on earth

Envision yourself being treated like a king or queen on vacation. Having a cocktail on the beach, going out to dinner to gourmet restaurants, enjoying breathtaking scenery or just relaxing in your private suite.

Let us inspire you to experience all of that and more! The world is full of places with extraordinary beauty, hotspots you only see in the movies and hotels that make you feel special. Why not indulge while you can? 
On a side note, luxury travel does not always mean spending your life’s savings on a trip. We, Tourist Exclusive, don’t believe that ‘exclusive’ is equal to expensive. For us, it means enjoying small details such as personal attention, well-thought-out themes, creativity and being able to relax and unwind.

We travel to luxury hotels & hotspots that we selected and experience first hand all the facilities. Besides having the experience we also sit down with the staff and talk through what experiences they create for guests and how everything works behind the scenes. This way we can create an in-depth review for our readers (you). You can see us as your personal travel consultants. We have done the inspection so the only thing you have to do is book that trip and enjoy.

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Get to know your personal travel experts in love

We are Stéphanie and Peter, the founders of Tourist Exclusive. Nice to e-meet you! In the summer of 2016, we left our comfortable life in Belgium for an adventure. We packed our suitcases and started our full-time travel careers. We don’t have a return date or a detailed plan. We want to see as much of the world as possible and meet as many people as we can. As travel consultants, we get the chance to experience some of the most amazing places in the world, but we also want to inspire everyone that we meet to start living their dream life.

We will keep you updated about our personal story and share some inspirational stories on the blog section of Tourist Exclusive.

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Stéphanie has always been curious and adventurous. From the age of two, she has been traveling with her mother all around Europe. Belgium has been her playground for 26 years and in 2016 she was ready to spread her wings to discover much more of the world. When she turned 18 she hopped on a plane to Brazil all by herself for a month. With a bachelor’s degree in education and a background in sales, she knows how to tell any kind of story. The stories you find on Tourist Exclusive mostly come by her hand.


Peter loves meeting new people and getting to know cultures. As a former Director and CEO for international companies, he used to travel a lot for business. He moved from The Netherlands to Belgium where he met Stéphanie. They have been traveling together ever since. When he is not enjoying good food, he is playing the piano or is out shopping for a new suit. You will never see him in a t-shirt because his casual is a dress shirt. As a creative problem solver, he believes that there is a magic solution for every question. His background as a director and manager makes for a great travel consultant with an eye for detail.
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Our ambition is to be your personal travel consultant & inspire you to see more of the world!
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