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Luxury travel experienced rapid growth over the last decade. There has never been more variety in destinations, experiences and lodging in the top segments making decisions more difficult and confusing. We are here to help you find your next destination

What started as a blog from 2 luxury travel enthusiasts has become a place for travelers alike to research, compare and explore their next destination. A collection of some of the best hotels, restaurants, travel tips and industry news is presented to you the reader. Carefully selected and all based on personal experiences.

The top segment within hospitality has never been the size it is today. Never before were there options available of this magnitude. With it, the traditional 1-5 star rating has become almost obsolete. It has left the luxury traveler confused. Our goal is to give you a better insight to help you make the right decision for your travel needs and budget.

Our Hotel rating system

Our rating consists of 3 elements. Each its own meaning and measured by our own experiences combined with a 300+ points checklist to help us valuate. These act as guidelines for both us but you too as a reader and traveler. Our goal is to help you see within 2 seconds what a hotel can offer you and if it is worth considering. Our full review will highlight some elements of our experiences, facts and good to knows.


The Final Score

This is an average of all elements combined and gives you the overall rating. Although this is an indication it should not be your only guideline when looking at hotels. A hotel might score low on points you find less important but high on those that are.

Main Categories

4 categories with each their own value based on experience and facts. A quick glimpse will tell you more about how the overall score was determined. Each category with its own characteristics.



We check each and every corner of the hotel that will generate a quality controlled value. Maintenance, quality of products, how up-to-date facilities are, in-room facilities such as usb/international chargers, cleanliness, etc. Just a glimpse of what we look for


How do the room rates compare to other hotels in the area. Not just similar hotels but also those of a different category. How does it compare to similar hotels around the world. What are you paying for? Is it worth considering?


How are you treated as a guest? What efforts are being made to ensure you are comfortable and how are requests or complaints handled? We all like to be treated well and have expectations when it comes to service.

Exclusive factor

The wow factor we are looking for. Remote glamping, decorations like you have never seen, activities only available at this hotel, service that excels. All contributors to the Exclusive factor. We look for unique experiences you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Badges of excellency

A total of 8 badges can be rewarded to any hotel. Each of the badges is awarded when a hotel excels in that category. A clear industry leader or offering nothing less than perfection. When you are looking for one of these elements a badge will guarantee high standards and we are confident that, when visiting, your expectations will be met or even exceeded, setting new benchmarks.

Family Friendly

Awarded to hotels that have families in mind. Wide range of rooms with 2 or 3 bedrooms and a kid friendly environment. This hotel offers plenty of activities for families on sight and off sight. The pool(s) have dedicated kids areas that offer enough entertainment. Restaurants have kids menus. Most of the guests are families. You do not need to worry about disturbing others with dedicated F&B outlets and activities for adults only.


Awarded to hotel that are ideal for business travelers. Hotels have dedicated business areas that offer working space, printers and meeting rooms, free of charge or at a reasonable amount. The location makes it easy to host events or invite people with dedicated parking available. Rooms come with standard high speed internet. The desk in the rooms are large enough to work on and leave enough space for documents and writing materials. Plenty of natural light is entering the room and it is comfortable to work here for hours at a time. The desks have multiple power outlets available and are international (or adapters are provided). Rooms are sound proof.


Awarded to hotels that offer excellent cuisine and variety. A large number of outlets is available with different cuisines. Each one of them excels in their cuisine and is not there to simply supply the demand. Dishes are made fresh with the best of ingredients by chefs with skills beyond compare. Both casual and fine dinning are available. 1 or more of the outlets offer award winning experiences equivalent to 1 or more Michelin stars. The outlets can cater easily to people with dietary restrictions without compromising choice or taste.


Awarded to hotels that maximize efforts to be ECO friendly. Usage of single use plastic is limited to almost 0. Food is organic and local. Waste is limited, recycled and reused on site. Energy is mostly harvested from natural resources such as wind and solar. Water usage is limited by filtering and reusing waste water. The building(s), rooms, furniture and decor are mostly made locally, using sustainable materials.


Awarded to hotels that offer unique and first class Spa experiences. The Spa itself is a place of wander and it is easy to spend a couple days here to relax. There is a large variety of baths, pools and saunas. Specialists are easy to book and are industry leaders. Treatments range beyond the standards and offer a multitude of unique experiences only available at limited spas. The majority of guests come for the Spa and its features.


Awarded to hotels that offer a local and traditional experience. A cultural center not only for tourist but also for locals. Furniture and decor is local and often ancient. The service is traditional and easy for guests to emerge themselves in.  The hotel has a clear understanding what the difference is between cultural gimmicks and true local or ancient experiences and choices to act on the latter. Finding a more authentic experience is difficult to find.


Awarded to hotels that are close to perfect when it comes to romantic events. Whether it is a proposal, wedding, honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, this place is for you. Ultimate scenery, romantic activities and special romantic offerings are all beyond anything you have seen before. You are sure to wow anyone by taking them here.


Awarded to hotels that offer exceptional cuisine and options to those who have dietary requirements. Vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant are among the options without sacrificing the amount of options you have as a guest or getting any less of an experience in taste.