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Costa Rica Travel Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss!

Costa Rica Travel Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss!

Fancy a trip where rainforests and tropical beaches are within your reach? Costa Rica may be your dream destination if you’re someone who loves to take in the wonders of nature

Here are 8 Costa Rica travel experiences to add to your bucket list!



Relax at the Osa Peninsula

Want a slice of tropical paradise? The Osa Peninsula is the place to unwind in after a day of adventure and exploration. Considered one of Costa Rica’s most remote destinations, Osa Peninsula is located in southwestern side of the country. 

It features the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Golfo Dulce to the east. The place is flourishing with wildlife and sandy beaches, and you can find various lodging, surf spots, and parks in the area.  


Go to the Puntarenas Carnival

If you want a taste of culture, the Puntarenas Carnival is considered to be the queen of carnival celebrations in the country. Be prepared to witness colorful floats and parades down to Paseo de los Turistas, exciting fishing and volleyball tournaments, and even a concert and a beauty contest in the plazas! 

If you plan to go on this Costa Rica travel adventure, the Puntarenas Carnival happens for seven straight days every February and takes place at the historic port of Puntarenas. 




Trek through the forest at night 

Sure, you can do all the adrenaline-pumping activities but nothing beats walking though wildlife and dark forests at night. This adventure is safe as there’s many guided night tours available around Costa Rica.  Forests like Monteverde only become more enchanting at night, and this is the perfect opportunity to experience nature at its most serene state. 



Go on a Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna

Costa Rica isn’t only a nature getaway. If you’re someone who loves to learn new things, booking a Chocolate Tour in La Fortuna will give you insight into how the locals make chocolate and how the cacao tree became the “Gift of the Gods”. Plus points because this hands-on program not only allows you to experience creating chocolate. You’ll also have a majestic view of La Fortuna’s Arenal Volcano. 



Find and swim in a waterfall

Another adventurous yet rewarding experience is to trek through walking trails where you’ll find the most exquisite waterfalls after an hour or two of going deep into the forest. Destinations such as the Nauyaca Waterfalls or the La Paz Waterfalls are just some of the spots you can start with. 




Try birdwatching 

Did you know that Costa Rica has more than 800 species of birds? It’s not a nature and wildlife wonderland for nothing. One of the best ways to experience the country’s wildlife is to take in the exotic and colorful birds. 

If this is one Costa Rica travel experience you’d like to try, there are a lot of birdwatching spots in places like the Manuel Antonio National Park and the La Selva Biological Reserve. 




Zip-line above the jungle 

Think the best way to experience the jungle is by trekking through it? While that would be exciting, why not have a bird’s eye view of the Costa Rican rainforest? 

There are multiple parks and zip-lining tour operators in the country to choose from—all giving you a lush view of Costa Rica’s verdant valleys. 


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Stay in a tree house

If you’re someone who loves to add unique experiences to their bucket lists, staying a night or two in a tree house is definitely a must-do! These accommodations are the perfect way to truly immerse yourself in nature, and Costa Rica has a number of elegant and eco-friendly tree house lodges you can choose from. 


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