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Ritz Carlton Ras Al Kaimah Al Wadi Desert

Ritz Carlton Ras Al Kaimah Al Wadi Desert
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Ritz Carlton Al Wadi desert

The recently opened Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert is one of the most unique hotels in the UAE. Often when people think of the UAE and mainly Dubai, people think of the high level of luxury, refinement and service. And it is the luxury aspect that people often refer to gran luxury. Many hotels offer this but only few offer a unique experience.

An hour drive from the city of Dubai you will find one hidden hotel, away from civilization. Ritz Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi desert. Surrounded by deserts and wild life in the middle of a preserve. Right from your villa, you will be able to see gazelles and other wild animals in their natural habitat. The experience on itself is unique.

RC_Al_Wadi_Desert_PoolAt the time of writing The Ritz Carlton Al wadi desert is still undergoing the last finishing touches. The property offers a set of different villas and tents. Truly there is only you would want and that is the more secluded Al Sahari tented villa. It offers the most luxurious tent you have ever stayed in with a private pool in the middle of the desert overlooking the desert with an undisrupted view. Fully air-conditioned and finished in the familiar Ritz Carlton style make these tents feel like a second home and unless you look up or step outside, you wouldn’t even realize you are in a tent.


Photo Credit: Ritz Carlton

For dining the Farmhouse is an excellent choice for the meat lovers. Try to arrive early and catch the sunset. Bring along some mosquito spray.

With both the Ritz Carlton Al wadi desert and Al Hamra Beach under the same management you get to enjoy some very welcome features, such as dinning in both of them and being able to place your bill on the room, regardless of which of the 2 hotels you are staying at. Al Hamra Beach offers a great dining experience Shore house.

RC_Al_Wadi_Desert_OutdoorsPlenty of activities will make this place unforgettable. What must be said is that during our visit we did notice some little imperfections. Something we trust will be solved when all renovations are finished and the new staff is more familiar with the place.

There are plenty of reasons why this place is so unique. The luxury tents, the location, the wildlife and the stunning views from your private pool. It would not be a surprise if one day this property becomes a Ritz Carlton reserve.

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