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In the oldest industrial building in Roermond, a young chef opened a restaurant in 2007, restaurant ONE. Edwin Soumang had the ambition to create something different. Something extraordinary yet affordable. After heavily renovating the building, that is also the host of a theater, Chef Soumang started his adventure.

In 2010 restaurant ONE received a star from Michelin. This was not a surprise. His dishes are good, very good. In 2016 he has been rewarded with the “Chef of the Year” award by JRE. Something that, by many colleagues, has been described as deserved for someone with his creativity. He is described as adventures, stylish and a real talent. Somewhere in his dishes, we recognized elements that reminded us of Sergio Herman (famous Belgian chef).

ONE of the key elements in the kitchen is the home grown vegetables. With their own garden, restaurant ONE can control the quality of certain products. An important factor in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant.

The surprise menu is original and an adventure for the taste buds. The chef is doing a good job in creating dishes that are unique. He dares to try new things. Where more experienced chefs rely on their past knowledge, younger chefs still have to prove themselves and especially talented chefs like Edwin will try to create new experiences for their guests. With an attitude that says “what if”. Do not misinterpret my words. Edwin is not inexperienced at all. But he is still relatively young in the haute cuisine world. Our prediction, Chef Soumang will, in the future, be known as one of the greatest of his time.

Restaurant ONE kept the charm of the old building. The building, for example, is still original, the furniture is modern, the restaurant has a lot of open space and a lot of light. This gives it a very open and fresh atmosphere. Not your typical fancy restaurant, on the contrary.

For those who would like to make it even more special could go for the chef’s table. A table privately situated in the kitchen. Suitable for 5 people, it is the perfect option for people that like to see all the insights of the kitchen. I would not say it is a good option for first timers but definitely for a second or third visit.


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