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Terra Restaurant: Tastes of Costa Brava at Hotel Alabriga*

Terra Restaurant: Tastes of Costa Brava at Hotel Alabriga*

Five-star accommodations is something that is nice to revel. Still, most hotels aren’t just known for their luxurious accommodations and first rate service. Our stay at the Hotel Alabriga was a testament to this as it was made even better by our dining experience at one of their restaurants — Terra Restaurant. Besides, what is Spain without its gastronomic delights?

Terra Restaurant completed the Hotel Alabriga experience. We get to indulge in Mediterranean food made with Chef Paco Pérez’s creativity and expertise during our stay.

It’s no wonder Chef Paco Pérez had already made a name for himself in the culinary scene. Holder of six Michelin stars, he can now add another one to his portfolio as the Terra Restaurant was recently awarded their own Michelin Star. What makes this an even bigger achievement is that they just opened a year ago! They were awarded last November 2018 and was recognized for Paco Pérez’s innovative take on Mediterranean cuisine. Kudos to Terra Restaurant!

Terra Restaurant’s menu will also make one realize why they are always a full house. They serve scrumptious dishes from breakfast, lunch to dinner — food prepared with the finest and freshest produce from the Costa Brava terroir.

One thing I’d like to point out though is that they don’t have that many options for vegetarians. This had tampered the experience a bit as I (Stephanie) had to make do with the food that fits my diet.

Their drinks are a different story though. Wine enthusiasts won’t be disappointed as Terra Restaurant has a wide range of selections available. Picky connoisseurs and curious novices alike have access to more than a thousand labels straight from their cellar.

Entering the restaurant, they have set up 15 tables ready to accommodate eager guests. The dim lighting and plush chairs completes the high-class vibe. While the restaurant doesn’t have a cozy feel because of how large it is and no contact with direct sunlight, their lovely terras with the relaxing surrounding area more than makes up for it.

As for their staff, it seems that the superb service we experienced when we first checked in also extended to the dining table. They were very sweet and the personal service was well-appreciated!

Terra Restaurant is currently closed until April 2019. Nonetheless, this is truly a dining experience that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in the neighborhood. Do reserve your seat once they open again here!

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