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8 Unique Canadian Hotels You Can Stay In

8 Unique Canadian Hotels You Can Stay In

Canadian hotels have a perfect mix of accommodations. From luxury spots to hostels perfect for meeting new people, you’ll find that the country has a variety of options that will suit any traveler’s tastes. 

Then there’s the wildcards—the one-of-a-kind hotels that you won’t find in any other part of the world. This list will give you some insight on the eight hotels to check out in Canada if you want a different kind of accommodation. 



Hotel de Glace

If we’re going to turn the words “winter wonderland” into one cozy accommodation, the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec might be the perfect Canadian hotel you’re looking for. 

Also called “The Ice Hotel”, Hôtel de Glace captures people’s attention because everything is completely built with ice and snow. Expect to participate in winter indoor and outdoor activities during your stay, see ice thrones and sculptures for your Instagrammable photos, and even a fireplace to warm up during the night! 

The only catch is that the hotel is only open from January to March, during the height of Canada’s winter season. The hotel also gets creative as the theme varies each year. This means that each room will have a different design—all carved on the walls made out of snow. 


@Fantasy Land Hotel website

Fantasyland Hotel

Want to go on an adventure but know deep down that you’d rather stay in bed, relax, and order room service? 

Staying at Fantasyland Hotel is the best way you can live out your ideal adventure without leaving the front door. It’s located within the West Edmonton Mall, which is one of North America’s top lifestyle hubs.

All rooms have different interiors and you can choose from a wide variety of themes—Modern Polynesian, Roman, Space, Hollywood, Modern Igloo, Polynesian, Western, Imperial, Truck, African, and Victorian. Each room captures every single detail that staying a night in a Victorian-themed room will make you feel like you’re transported to the 19th century. 


@Free Spirit Spheres website

Free Spirit Spheres 

You can still stay in a tree house even as an adult! Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver Island and upon visiting, the first thing you’ll notice are the sphere-shaped structures hanging among the trees. 

These treehouse accommodations are a perfect blend between woodland wonderland and minimalism. Compact as the tree houses may be, it also has a cozy vibe that makes it appealing to visitors worldwide. What makes Free Spirit Spheres different is that they’re the only ones who manufacture spherical treehouses in the world. 

Their designs were guided by the principle of biomimicry, which is creating sustainable solutions that mimics nature’s tried and tested strategies. 


@Fogo Island Inn website

Fogo Island Inn

They didn’t call this place an “Island off an island” for nothing. If you’ve always wanted to know how it feels to stand at the edge of the world, Fogo Island Inn is the closest you can fulfill that adventure. 

Getting to Fogo Island Inn is a worthy experience in itself. You’ll notice its remote location since it’s situated on a Canadian island called Newfoundland but there’s a catch—it’s also on a seperate island (called Fogo Island, hence the name) that’s a part of Newfoundland!  

Another unique feature of Fogo Island Inn is the fact that the island experiences seven seasons: warm summers from July to August, snowy winters from December to February, Pack Ice Season on March, Spring from April to May, Trap Berth Season during June, a bountiful wild berry picking season in autumn’s Berry Season during September to October, and temperamental late fall on November. This means that there’s a lot of activities offered in Fogo Island that you won’t really find anywhere else in the world.  


@Elements Luxury Tented Camp website

Elements Luxury Tented Camp

Canada has a bunch of nature spots you wouldn’t want to miss and Elements Luxury Tented Camp is one of the Canadian hotels that gives this experience a new twist. Known for being a glamping (of glam camping spot), Elements Luxury Tented Camp brings you closer to the wonders of the Ottawa Valley. 

It stands on what used to be the Storyland Theme Park before it was converted into eight luxury tents and six tiny homes that span 89 acres. With the glamping spot’s goals to bring people closer to nature, they offer a range of outdoor adventures—from guided cave tours to white water rafting. 



@The Lazy Bear Lodge website

Lazy Bear Lodge

This accommodation perfectly embodies the word “cozy”. While not as luxurious as other hotels, the Lazy Bear Lodge is perfect for travelers who want a home away from home, a place where they can meet fellow travelers, settle in log cabin rooms, and to warm up in its cafe.  

The Lazy Bear Lodge boasts of its northern hospitality—something that merges seamlessly with the cozy vibe the hotel is aiming at. Situated in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, a place dubbed as an “accessible arctic”, the Lazy Bear Lodge is closer to nature’s unique wonders than other Canadian hotels. 

The hotel even offers expeditions where you can meet polar bears and Beluga whales. During particular months, you’ll get a peek at the Canadian Northern Lights. It’s no wonder why the Lazy Bear Lodge made it to National Geographic’s Stay List back in 2009—one of the 13 Canadian hotels selected and the 129 hotels worldwide! 


@Entre Cîmes et Racines website

Entre Cîmes et Racines

Located in Eastman, Quebec, Entre Cîmes et Racines takes forest ecolodges to a whole new level. At first glance, it may seem like this family-run hotel offers the usual, humble ecolodges in the woods but one of their accommodations take center stage—the Le Hobbit. 

The Le Hobbit ecolodge is the first underground accommodation found in Québec. It is inspired by the fantasy world of J. R. R. Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings, down to every corner as it features circular doors and windows, a green roof, and interiors made of wood and stone. 

Beyond the Le Hobbit and the quaint 14 accommodations offered by Entre Cîmes et Racines, they also offer a range of on-site, outdoor activities such as a network of hiking trails, a scavenger hunt, and a maze for kids among others.


@The Gladstone Hotel website

The Gladstone Hotel

For art lovers, this hotel will make your heart sing. Unassummingly tucked in the streets of Toronto, Canada, The Gladstone Hotel is a one-of-kind accommodation where each room is designed with quirky art—all designed by local artists. Their goal is to give the experience of sleeping with art, with each room designed with a different creative perspective. 

While it can be a retreat for tired travelers, the Gladstone Hotel is mainly famous for being a place to interact and connect with fellow art-lovers (or generally someone who’s drawn to the eccentric). It’s also an event space and cafe, where regular exhibitions are held. 


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