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5 Beaches in the Philippines you have to visit

5 Beaches in the Philippines you have to visit

When you’re itching for a beach trip, you’d often wait until the summer season rolls around before hopping into your swimming trunks. But in the eastern side of the world, there are countries where it’s almost always summer. One of them is The Philippines. Before you choose which among the country’s 7,107 islands you’ll visit, here are beaches in the Philippines where you can fully witness and experience the beauty of the country: 


1. Siargao Island, Surigao

If you’re someone who prefers to chill on a beach while also getting the chance to frequently socialize, Siargao is the best island to fly to. 


Tourism just picked up in recent years but the island is already filled with lots of activities. It’s one of the beaches in the Philippines that’s a major go-to for those who’d like to go surfing. 


2. Cebu


Cebu is one of the booming metropolitan areas second to Manila. The difference? The whole island is filled with different beaches all over. It’s hard to pinpoint just one destination to start with. From secluded spots to luxury getaways, this is the best island to be in if you’re planning to hop from one place to another. 


3. Palawan

el nido beaches in the philippines


Another famous island is Palawan and it’s one of the beaches in the Philippines where you can find white sand in Luzon. Palawan also has a variety of activities other than getting a tan on the shore. You can go island hopping or even get adventurous and explore the underground river. 


4. Camiguin

beaches in the philippines - camiguin island


For something that’s a bit more secluded and remote, Camiguin Island can be found in its own little spot north of Mindanao. The island is like a mix of hot springs, hidden waterfalls, and white sand beaches. The numerous volcanoes that constantly reshape the island’s landscape is the reason why it’s dubbed as “The Island Born of Fire”.


5. Panglao Island, Bohol

panglao island


If a luxury stay is your priority, this island in Visayas houses resorts where pools can be found in your own villa! Island hopping is also a common activity. To add, hotels organize private tours to Bohol itself if you’re not up to a lazy day at the beach. This is the perfect way to check out a tourist attraction called the Chocolate Hills. 


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