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Trigona Bar Kuala Lumpur

Trigona Bar Kuala Lumpur

Trigona Bar is the main bar at Kuala Lumpur’s Four Seasons Hotel. When the hotel opened in November 2018, they made sure to hire one of the best head bartenders to manage this unique bar. Ashish Sharma transferred from the multi award winning Manhattan bar in Singapore, located in the Regent hotel, just in time before Regent and Four Seasons parted ways. Not long after, the success that Ashish Sharma brought there he also introduced to Bar Trigona. In 2019 Bar Trigona ended on the 40th place in the Asia’s 50 Best Bars. A rare achievement for newcomers. So, what makes Bar Trigona so special?

The interior

There are very few bars around the world that will make you awe like Bar Trigona does. The interior feels complete, delightfully overwhelming, modern with a hint of class. The backdrop of the bar itself is stunning and worthy of anyone who wishes to impress on Social Media. Comfortable seating on an off level setup makes it feel cozy, regardless of where you are seated. The window seats will show you a glimpse of the city with views on the Petronas Towers.  The bar is located on the lobby floor on level 6B. The lower floors consist of double floors which make the height equal to a 10th or 12th floor in any other building. You wouldn’t go here for the views, but will not need those.

Photo: @Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

The Drinks

Ashish Sharma believes in the simplicity of the drinks. “I don’t like to try and impress guests with fancy garnishing or smoke. Let the drink speak for itself” All signature cocktails are based on one element of a plant. The stem, the root, the leaves or the fruits. Each of which have 4 dedicated cocktails and 1 mocktail. Whichever drink you pick, you will taste a balance of ingredients of the highest of qualities. Surprisingly, the drinks are priced very modestly compared to other cocktail bars in the city while increasing the quality.

Trigona Bee

Trigona is the name of a type of stingless bee. Bar Trigona owns their own hive where they create honey in a biological way and creating a natural habitat for the bees. The honey created here is used in some of the drinks. Trigona Honey is different in flavor than what you might be used to. It is less sweet and slightly bitter in taste. It is the perfect ingredient for classics like Old Fashioned or Smokey drink.

If you wish to make reservations for an event you can contact Bar Trigona directly here.
145 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
tel: +60 3-2382 8670

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