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Best view in Amsterdam – Ciel Bleu**

In 2008 restaurant Ciel bleu received their second star with chef Onno Kokmeijer. Ever since it has been hunting for the third and today more than ever. But besides the good food, there is more to this restaurant than meets the eye.

It is one of the highest restaurants in terms of altitude in the Netherlands together with the penthouse. (more here) On the 23rd floor of the Okura hotel in Amsterdam, you will find this recently renovated restaurant. Once you enter you will first notice the beautifully, light decorated interior. Once your eyes are adjusted to it the second eye catcher reveals itself. The view. With a view over the city that lights up at night, it is one of the best restaurants to dine.

Every restaurant has a style that is key to how you experience your food. For Ciel Bleu it is all about class. Unlike many other great restaurants that have been trying ways to attract a younger audience, Ciel bleu has still a sense of high-class dining. The way the staff treats you is extremely well choreographed. It feels like they have an army working for, making sure that you are comfortable. Having said that, what surprised us was the fact you don’t notice them. They are silent, calm and almost invisible, yet when you need them they are already by your side before you get a chance to reach out for them.

The chef, Onno Kokmeijer, is one of the best you will find in the Netherlands. Although not yet rewarded with a third star, others have already acknowledged his skill. Like the Gault Millau for example, giving him 18 out of 20 points. And here is why. His style is surprising, refined, transforming traditional dishes into something modern, beautifully presented and unlike any other. It is truly an explosion of tastes within every bite and every dish.

And what is better than a perfect meal. A meal that is accompanied with the perfect pairing of wine. For this, you are also at the right place. Sommelier Noël van Wittenbergh is a multiple award winning sommelier with experience in his expertise like no other. He is responsible for the perfect match you get at Ciel Bleu.

What we recommend to anyone interested in fine dining is to visit Ciel Bleu and experience it for yourself. Take your time, enjoy the full chef’s menu paired with wines selected by one of the best sommeliers. Book your table here. It will be a unique experience and one worth to travel for. We are looking forward to the moment Ciel Bleu will be rewarded with their third star.

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