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The Bokkedoorns

The Bokkedoorns is one of the oldest restaurants in the Netherlands that has been rewarded with a Michelin star and never lost them in all those years. The Bokkedoorns opened in 1961 and received its first star in 1978. In 1990 a young 28-year-old chef named Lucas Rive took over the role as chef and just one year after that, in 1991, The Bokkedoorns was rewarded with their second star. Making Lucas Rive the youngest chef to receive 2 stars in the Netherlands.

Since 1991 it has kept its stars. In 2013 Lucas Rive left to open his own restaurant, Lucas Rive in Hoorn. The restaurant was left with the puzzle to find a new chef that was capable of living up to the high standards that guests were expecting from The Bokkedoorns. They found one. His name, Menno Post. Former sous chef at Ron Blaauw **. With 13 years of experience working with a 2 Michelin star chef, he was up for the challenge.

Whenever a restaurant loses its chef it often results in losing their stars. Menno Post was left with the incredible job to keep those stars. This high pressure was not a problem at all for the new chef and The Bokkedoorns kept its stars. Something that is rare and worth respecting.

The Bokkedoorns lies in a quiet small town, Overveen. Surrounded by nature and with a view on the dunes. Perfect for a summer afternoon lunch. The cuisine would be best described as classic and safe. Not too daring and perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy good food with good company. Creating a menu without being too daring sounds like an easy task but do not be fooled. It might be even harder than experimenting with modern and fusion twists. To still be surprising and not boring with the most classic of dishes and live up to the guest’s expectations is not at all easy. For that reason, the results so far have been outstanding.

For those who visit Amsterdam on business and want to get out of the city for lunch or dinner, this is the perfect spot to do just that. Book your table here and make sure to bring your binoculars if you sit in the garden. Who knows what you would be able to spot in the dunes.

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