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The Penthouse

Dining with a view always has something special. Overlooking a city while enjoying your food, wine or cocktail never gets old. When in big cities like New York or Singapore you will be able to find sky bars fairly easy. But not in Western Europe and especially not in The Netherlands. For that reason this place is even more special.

With 135 meters, it is not only the highest building in The Hague. It also contains the highest restaurant of The Netherlands overlooking the city and the sea. For those who didn’t knew, The Hague is next to the beach. Read more about it here.


In 2007 The Hague opened the doors of a new building called The Hague tower. Inspired by the flatiron in New York it quickly got its nickname “The Iron”. It is by far the highest building in the area and the highest accessible building of The Netherlands. After the opening it took another 5 years before the restaurant The Penthouse was opened.

The Restaurant

The highest restaurant of The Netherlands is located on the 42th floor of a building called The Penthouse. It is modern, stylish and home to two excellent chefs. Bart Middendorp and Mathijs Visser. When entering the building you take a glass elevator to the top and the ride alone is an experience on its own. In a matter of seconds you see the city of The Hague disappearing and the horizon getting wider.

While having your slightly Asian inspired dinner you will see the sun disappear into the sea and the moment it gets dark enough the windows will transform into screens to give you a show. After the show the lights in the room will create a night club ambiance. So after your dessert, relax, lean back and have a cocktail. And if the weather is good enough you might even be able to enjoy the 135 meter high terrace.

Where is your favorite sky lounge?


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