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L’air du temps – Molecular garden of passion**

Food is not always about the ingredients. It is about passion and the creator of the dishes. Creating a menu is an art and we celebrate the artist. Just like paintings. It is not the host but the artist that we highlight. One example of this is L’air du Temps in Liernu Belgium.

Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre was born in Korea and moved to Belgium at a young age. The place where he grew up. A passion for food drove his career but sadly not as a chef. At one point he decided to open his own restaurant in an old building that used to serve fries. Just a few years down the road and with little experience he was rewarded a Michelin star in 2000. Something he never expected. Chef Degeimbre kept perfecting his cooking style that is based on molecular cooking and vermination. In 2009 he was awarded his second Michelin star that he has kept ever since.

Restaurant L’air du Temps has one of the largest self-managed gardens to grow their vegetables and herbs. Over 80% of what you get on your plate comes from the gardens. The menu is therefore based on what nature is providing. It is an incredible operation and impressive to see.

The quite location makes it ideal to sit outside during the summer the enjoy the gardens. One of the barriers of fully enjoying the nights with wine paring is the drive back. L’air du Temps has the perfect solution. A small number of spacious luxury rooms are available for bookings to extend your time on the property and receive a Michelin star worthy breakfast in the morning.

Knowing the story behind the dishes helps you understand and appreciate what is on your plate. The process of each ingredient from planting, growing, fermentation and cooking. Every step is equally important and helps this menu to be as diverse as it is. Knowing that the Chef has to work with what the garden is giving him makes you respect the craft even more. Outstanding cuisine, one of the best in the country.

Our visit was conducted before a renovation planned for 2018. We look forward to come back later end see what the team has achieved. Book your table and stay in one of the elegant rooms of L’air du temps here.

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