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Plane in the City – Kuala Lumpur

Flying First class or in a private Jet. Who doesn’t want to do? It makes traveling so much more comfortable. Some make a hobby out of the experience. One of the main experiences that highlight a light like that is dinning at 30.000 feet. Unfortunately, it is something not everyone can afford. Until now.

Plane in the city in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia made it possible to have a fine dining experience in a plane. An old Boing 737 has been converted into a restaurant. The plane will remain stationary during the dinner but that is a good thing. It makes the experience more enjoyable without the unexpected turbulence.

Plane in the cityAt arrival you will be welcomed in the lounge. Here you can prepare for takeoff with a drink. After a short while you will be boarding the plane. The plane has been divided into 3 section, Economy, Business and First. But even the economy is a first class experience. The seating is the same for every class. The difference lies in the menu options. Once everybody is seated on the Plane in the City it is time for the safety briefing. Surely it is not a real safety. Instead the crew turned it into a fun experience, wishing all safety briefings could be like this in real life.

We all know airline food isn’t the best. Besides the scientific reason of the lower air pressure, there is always the challenge of serving great food without a fully equipped kitchen, meaning that some of the ingredients have been pre-prepared. Although Plane in the city gives you a much better experience you need to keep in mind that the food is not prepared on board. For those that are expecting quality that is equal to that of a fine dining venue might be disappointed. The food is good considering the challenges.

Plane in the cityThat being said it is the experience that provides you with the value. The ambiance it great and you even get to visit the cockpit or walk on the wings of the plane. If you are looking for something different this is definitely an option. You can book your seat here. Hope you enjoy.

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