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La Degustation

Restaurant La Degustation is known as one of the best Michelin star restaurants in Prague. We tested La Degustation for you and we are impressed. The main thing that surprised us is that they do juice pairings with the menu. Of course you can also get a wine pairing with you menu.

For those who do not drink alcohol the juices are the solution. It sounds not to appealing at first but definitely good if not better than wine. Here is why.

Wine is made of one single type of fruit, grapes. Although it is true that flavors and texture are distinct in different wines, depending on type of grape, soil and weather, it is still very recognizable. The juices contain fruits, vegetables and spices that match dishes perfectly. They complement each other and one doesn’t go without the other. So don’t expect something as ordinary as an orange juice. All juices are refined and are unlike anything you have ever tasted before.

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise is located in the city center and is easy to reach (address: Haštalská 18). Pay attention to the entrance as the restaurant looks like a house so you might miss it. Upon entering, the ceiling of La Degustation will grab your attention immediately. There are two massive chandeliers made of glass. Take a closer look if you want to find out why they are special. The other curiosity that we like is the open wine storage. And since transparency is key at restaurant La Degustation they also have an open kitchen.

In that small open kitchen, the chef only prepares a tasting menu of 6 or 11 courses. The recipes that are used dates back to 1849. Chef Oldřich Sahajdák took these recipes and added a modern twist. Using only local products and typical Czech Republic dishes makes La Degustation the best place to experience the luxury cuisine of Prague.

For the team of La Degustation Prague, a visit to this restaurant should feel like a new taste experience. Quality above quantity is their motto. That is why they only have 40 seats and are always fully booked in advance. Make sure to book your table here and ask to get one of the tables that are the closest to the kitchen. That way you can see how they prepare your food and how well the team works together. Book your table here

Have you ever paired fruit juices in a Michelin star restaurant?

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