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Château Neercanne

On the Dutch and Belgian Border near Maastricht you will find Château Neercanne. A building that originally dates back to the early 1300’s. The building that remains today is only 300 years old.

In the past centuries it switched owner multiple times until it became a hotel and restaurant. When the Michelin guide was first introduced in the Netherlands in 1957, Château Neercanne was one of the first 8 restaurants to receive a star. In 1967 they received a second star, only to lose it twice within 10 years. They have never received a second star since. They did however always kept at least 1 star. Which makes them the only restaurant in Holland that has kept its star from the introduction of the guide in 1957, up until today.

Today it is often used for parties and weddings. The garden is perfect for large groups and with the calm surroundings you are most certain to not disturb the neighborhood. The style on the inside is kept traditional and, when dining here, you feel like you entered a time machine back to the times of kings and knights.

Underneath the building you will find a basement, that unlike the main building, dates back to 1300’s. Most would want to preserve this. However the current owner had a wild plan for the ancient walls. Inside you will see writings on the wall of newlyweds, directors, and politicians. After a wedding or big party, people get the chance to carve something on the wall, to be there for eternity. Anybody can enter for a pre-dinner drink and we recommend you to do so.

The castle has two gates. Since it was built on the border, it has a Dutch and Belgian gate. The castle itself is on Dutch grounds but is named after the Belgian village on the Belgian side, Kanne.

Dining here is an experience. It is not only about the food, it is about the history and the ambiance. Food is what you might expect from a star awarded restaurant. Maybe this is a good thing. Otherwise it would distract you too much from the beauty around you and only see the beauty on your plate.

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