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In London, there are many restaurants and even more bars. European people don’t associate the United Kingdom with haute cuisine. We from Tourist Exclusive are here to prove them wrong. The Hakkasan group who originally started in London have an exquisite menu and an even better atmosphere.

We enjoyed our lunch in the first opened Hakkasan restaurant at Hanway Place in London. It is the original restaurant that opened in 2011. Hakkasan has now restaurants all over the world including in Dubai, New York, Las Vegas and Shanghai to name a few. Hakkasan Hanway place is designed by famed designer Christian Liaigre. It embodies the Hakkasan design ethos of the modern ethnic that is now found in all Hakkasan restaurants. Wooden screens and latticing made of dark English oak to give you a feeling of privacy. The same material is used for the 16-meter bar. The Ling Ling dining area evokes traditional Chinese decadence, punctuated by black and gold traditionally-drawn panels. An open-plan kitchen is visible from the restaurant, making the activity in the kitchen part of the restaurant’s theater. Hakkasan Hanway place is located in a basement and can easily be missed from the street.

The restaurant is headed by Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee, who has been with Hakkasan since its inception. Chef Tong was instrumental in creating the restaurant’s signature dishes such as Peking duck with caviar and grilled wagyu beef with king soy sauce. Within a year of its launch, Hakkasan won its first Michelin star, which it still maintains today. Their menu is very elaborate. Offering 3 different menus to choose from with only signature dishes helps a lot when you need to make a decision on what to try. As dessert lovers, we went for their famous chocolate bomb. Everything is refined and prepared with delicacy. Even their cocktails are worth the trip here. You can have a cocktail at their 16-m long bar and watch how they prepare your dinner.

Make sure you try different locations from the Hakkasan group, because all of them have a different specialty and menu. Hakkasan restaurants around the world, from London and the United States to India, Shanghai, and the Middle East, have recently launched the Only At collections, a selection of dishes, desserts, and cocktails showcasing the local cuisine and culture, using ingredients and flavors synonymous with the locations. The Only At collection in London includes dishes that utilize fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, such as the Grilled organic Rhug lamb cutlets in soy, with sweet baby coriander and chili at Hakkasan Mayfair, and Spicy Rhug Estate lamb cannon with kumquat, ginger, and garlic at Hanway Place.

Book your reservation for this Michelin star Cantonese kitchen here. Send us a message how your visit went!

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