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Han Ting

What do you think about when I say “Chinese food”? Take away, cheap, rice? Well not with Han Ting. In the city center of The Hague is a small Chinese restaurant different from the many, many others you know. It is one rewarded with a Michelin star.

Han Ting is the perfect example of a Michelin star restaurant that is not French, not super fancy and not expensive. Once you walk in, you would not even say it is much different from others. Sure it looks a bit more fancy, but still traditional, elegant and simple. It is certainly not someplace you need to heavily dress up for. Which is a good thing. Han Ji (chef) and Tingting Ji (host) want you to feel at home.

Dishes within the menu are traditional and contain ingredients you might recognize or would expect from an Asian restaurant. Most dishes have some European influences but not something that would damage the Asian feel and taste. They have carefully been prepared with small details in presentation. Not only is the taste something, that Chef Han Ji would call a combination of 5000 years worth of Chinese food knowledge and modern styles, it also represents the Asian culture in its design. Almost like a painting.

It is nice to have a restaurant of his quality in Europe. As most are based on French cuisine or partly their local cuisine, it rarely gets more daring than that. Han Ting gives us a nice contrast in the masses.

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