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Join Luc Bellings in his 2 Michelin star town house **

In 2004, Luc Bellings opened his second restaurant after his first restaurant didn’t make enough profit, despite a good reputation and visits of politicians and royals. With his new restaurant, Luc Bellings received his first star in 2005 and his second in 2010.

He started as a chef only being 18 years of age and quickly received his first ever star at the age of 29. Sadly the young chef lost his star after only 2 years. This, combined with his failed attempt to create a gastronomic restaurant in castle Grand-Leez, made him the perfect candidate to show struggling chefs how to get back on track after your motivation and courage has left you. In 2008 he hosted a television program called ‘Chef in Nood’, based on Gordon Ramsey’s, Kitchen Nightmares.

His new, successful restaurant in Hasselt is one to visit. With a fully open kitchen, you get a sense of what it is like to serve a 2 Michelin star meal as a chef. The strong side of chefs Bellings dishes is their respect for the raw materials. Often you will find pure and recognizable ingredients, to celebrate the origin. Many chefs nowadays experiment with foreign ingredients that guests rarely had before. Although this is an experience on its own, sometimes you just want to find ingredients on your plate that you know. To be able to recognize sensations and taste.

The ingredients that Luc Bellings uses are at its purest. Sometimes even without adding anything. He wants you to experience how perfect a piece of carrot can be. Recently Luc Bellings started to transform classic dishes, that you would find in any household, into dishes worth his stars. It is an art to take a dish, that you would describe as mothers specialty, and let your guests experience it at a new level. A feeling of nostalgia is rushing through your body, yet it is very refined and well presented.


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