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Mas de Boudan Hotel

Away from the busy city center of Nimes lies a small chateau hotel. With only 4 rooms it is one of the smallest hotels in and around the city. But for a good reason. The main reason being that the hotel isn’t intended for mass tourism. You could call it a gastronomic hotel. But even if you are just traveling, it is worth a stay. They are listed by the Chateau Hotel Collection and for a good reason. The original building was transformed during an 8 months renovation costing over 2 million euros into a restaurant and hotel.


Vincent (General Manager assistant)

Our rooms have all their own color theme and they look over the garden. Here you can look over the terrace of our 1 Michelin star restaurant, Jérôme Nutile. The rooms are mainly here for guests who want to be able to enjoy the food and wine of our restaurant without worrying of the drive back home. But of course we also welcome people who aren’t eating with us. People need to feel at home here. Whether it is for a lunch in our Bistro (Bistr’AU), for dinner in our gastronomic restaurant or simply a comfortable night in one of our rooms.

We strongly recommend the complete package. Not only is Jerome Nutile’s chef surprise menu very, very good, it also allows you to drink all the recommended wines that come with the dishes and enjoy a gastronomic breakfast in the morning. Read more about restaurant Jérôme Nutile here.

The hotel opened March 2015 together with the restaurant. The rooms are luxurious and calming. All necessaries are here and if we have to point out our favorite part of the room it will be the shower. Modern and large enough for a couple to enjoy. On top of that it is equipped with LED lights. So if you want to make it even more romantic, wait until sunset and shower with only the LED lights on.

When waking up the next morning after having a wonderful and tasty night you can have breakfast in the restaurant. You will be served breakfast at a gastronomic level. With fresh ingredients served to your table you can sit down and relax. No worries about lines at the buffet. And because there are only 4 rooms you will be guaranteed a nice spot.

For us this was one of the best hotel breakfast experiences so far. Where was yours?

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  • […] Jérôme Nutile wanted to create a place that offers food, gastronomic dishes and luxurious rooms that feel like a home. He was prepared to invest time and money to realize his dream. A place perfect for the realization of this gastronomic home was found in the heart of George Besse Park in Nîmes. After 8 months of renovation and 2 million euro, the first part opened. Le Bistr’AU in December 2014 and both the hotel and the gastronomic restaurant Jérôme Nutile in March 2015. Read more about the hotel here. […]