Secret lunch spot restaurant Batik in Malaga

Restaurant Batik Malaga lunch

The title explains it all. This is the hotspot to celebrate something or to have a secret lunch. In our case we were there to celebrate a birthday! Restaurant Batik is the place to be to have drinks/lunch or dinner. Or all three and stay the whole day! If you want to have lunch in Malaga, look no further!

Restaurant Batik Lunch Malaga

You can’t see the entrance of restaurant Batik (street: calle Alcazabilla) because it’s located in a beautiful hostel called ‘Alcazaba Premium hostel’. You take the elevator to the fourth floor. Here you will have a splendid view if you can sit on the terrace.

Restaurant Batik Lunch Malaga

The menu isn’t the same as your typical Spanish tapas bar. They know that nowadays people are looking for something more. The chef can cook something for you without nuts, lactose and/or gluten. Those three on one menu? That means everything is freshly made just for you.

My favorite was the salad with goat’s milk that they mix with the dressing at your table as if it was a cocktail. How fancy is that? The view on the terrace is spectacular. we enjoyed our glass (bottle) of wine in the sun. Oh, how we want to go back …

Restaurant Batik Lunch Malaga

Q: What’s your favorite hotspots in Malaga?

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