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Cotton House

A hotel with history as soft as cotton in Barcelona. Literally. It is called the Cotton House, the former headquarters of the Cotton Textile foundation. After a big renovation that conserved many original elements the hotel opened in 2015. Amongst the key elements that have been preserved are the marble staircase and the spiral staircase, build in 1957. Combine these elements with the small details that refer back to the day it used to be a Cotton Business and you got yourself the perfect boutique hotel. The staff is wearing clothing produced by the company, using cotton from their own production.

Cotton HouseA warm welcome followed by a tour of the hotel and very detailed explanation about the history feels almost like sightseeing. Like visiting a museum. Step into you room and you are welcomed by a handwritten message on the mirror. Very welcoming and original. Styling is beautiful and homie.

Cotton HouseBesides this hotel being wonderful, it is also very well located. Right in the center of Barcelona with shops and restaurant all around you. If you are fit enough, you could easily walk to most major attractions that the city has to offer.

Cotton HouseOn the second floor, you will find a gorgeous lounge restaurant with a beautiful garden. You will completely forget you are in a big city. It is the perfect spot to sit and relax, but also to open up your laptop to work or have a casual meeting. The décor takes you back 100 years into the industrial golden age. Like stepping back in time. Even if you are not a guest at the hotel, a visit for lunch or drink is worth it.

Cotton HouseSomething we find surprising is how many hotels call themselves a boutique hotel even if they are truly not. Although it is true that there is no guideline to it, we believe that the story behind the hotel is equally as important as the styling and execution. And being a (ex)manufacturer or shop (boutique) contribute to this feeling. We are not promoting shops in hotels particularly but we like it when the story is linked to a product of high quality or unique products.

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