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Grand Italian Palace of Dubai – Palazzo Versace

It took almost 10 years to build and finish but it was worth it, Palazzo Versace. A truly grand hotel fully designed by Versace. From the clothing, décor, furniture to the plates and the glasses in your room. Everything you touch or see is designed by Versace. A unique trade that gives this hotel its unique signature design. One of the most surprising aspects of the design are the scarfs on the walls. Walking down the always to your room, you will see painting like pieces on the walls. They are in fact Versace scarf, designed specifically for this hotel. Every single one is different and unique. They are not for sale that makes them exclusive pieces that fit the image of this hotel.

Palazzo VersacePalazzo Versace s located near the airport. Something that is preferred by guest that do not want to travel far from the airport to their hotel. For those who did not visit Dubai yet, it is big. Very big. To get from one side to the other by car, can take as much as an hour, even without heavy traffic. Picking the right location for your hotel is therefore crucial. The new Creek Harbor with as center piece a tower that will surpass the Burj Khalifa is right around the corner. Rooms will have a view on either the river or The Tower.

Palazzo VersaceSomething you will not miss at Palazzo Versace is luxury. Even the most basic of rooms is very well equipped and styled. The design could be overwhelming if you prefer contemporary or modern. But for those who love the classic look, colors and Versace design patterns, it is perfect. One thing that stands out is the level of care for details. Open the drawer in the cabin of your minibar and you will find beautiful Versace set of cups and glasses all beautifully presented on a suede cutout in the drawer. Even the pen is one worth taking home with you.

Palazzo VersaceAlthough the rooms are great and a treat on itself, there is nothing better that a bit of extra space. No worries there. Palazzo Versace has 2 Imperial suites, both covering a whopping 1200 m2. The rooms include a private terrace with pool, gym, spa, bar, 2 suites, office, in room elevator, dining room, guest facilities, kitchen and a lot of space. And if this is not enough for you, 3 superior rooms can be connected to the suite.

All in all, this is a place worth the visit. Walking down the hallway, having tea in the lobby and a party in the Ballroom are amongst the must do’s in this hotel. It is not often that you visit a hotel just for its building, but this is definitely the exception.

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