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Hotel Rivalago

Hotel Rivalago
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Hotel Rivalago

Everybody heard the names Lake Como and Lake Garda before. Both very beautiful but also very touristic. In between the two lies one smaller lesser known place. Lake Iseo. Within it you will find an island called Mont Isola. If you want to enjoy the majestic scenery there is really only one place to stay. Hotel Rivalago.


10 years ago, in 2006 Rivalago opened its doors. One small family bought the property and rebuild it in a style inspired by the French Riviera. Without any experience in the hotel business, it was not an easy task but with a clear vision of what they wanted and an iron determination they started this adventure. Their goal was to open a hotel in the style they fell in love with. If you enter the hotel that is clearly visible. All the furniture in the lobby comes from the south of France and is well thought out. Even the smallest details remind you of the French Riviera.

Not only do we find it amazing that a family without any experience found the courage to open a hotel but we find it even more surprising in what manner they accomplished their dream

Welcome to Hotel Rivalago

Driving alongside Lake Iseo you will find small villages of which Sulzano is one. In the heart of it you will find Hotel Rivalago. Walking up to the hotel you already feel the warm welcome you will get when entering it. Once inside you will immediately get the sense you are at the French Riviera. Mother or daughter will welcome you and guide you to your room.

Details are key

If you get the chance to book a room with lake view, do it. The hotel is right at the lake with a view on Monte Isola. All rooms are uniquely styled, as the whole hotel is, in each room there is a different color theme.

Outside is a big terrace with a pool and sunbeds alongside the lake. Although you are not able to dine here, you can have lunch or enjoy the sunset. 5 minutes walking from the hotel is dock where you can take a boat to the island every 15 minutes. We recommend restaurant La Foresta for dinner. Also family owned of course!


When you wake up with the sun shining the beauty of the lake you think it can’t get any better, but it will. Once you go downstairs to have breakfast you will see why. Not only is the breakfast room, just like the rest, beautifully decorated, it is the scene of the best presented breakfast we have seen so far. Beautifully laid out over different tables with étagères you will find all the things you want and need and on top of that everything is fresh and delicious.

How the family keeps the hotel looking like new

Since the start, Rivalago closes its doors during winter. But this doesn’t mean the family doesn’t work. Oh no, they work maybe even harder than in summer. The reason why is because they take everything out of the rooms and do all the necessary work to make the rooms look like new. Cleaning, painting you name it. The same goes for the bar, library, breakfast and the lobby.

The family takes very good care of their property and of their guest. If you are looking for a relaxing and mass tourist free place to stay, Hotel Rivalago is the one to go visit.

Q: what is your favorite lake in Italy?

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