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Hôtel du Château

Carcassonne is one of those places in France that you have to see at least once in your life. It has one of those beautiful castles that makes you wonder how they lived before our time.  Carcassonne is the city with 2 UNESCO world heritage sites: the Canal du Midi, classified in 1996, and the Medieval City in 1997.

The Medieval City is situated on the right bank of the Aude. It is a fortified city unlike any other in Europe, on account of its size and its state of preservation. Its history is marked by 2000 years of conquest and by the imprint of Catharism and the Crusades.

Opposite of this magnificent Medieval City is Hôtel du Château. The hotel proudly stands in a peaceful setting away from the bustle of the town, offering you tranquility after your visit to the Medieval City. Maybe this is one of the best places to be in summer when visiting Carcassonne. During those 2 – 3 months in summer Carcassonne gets so many tourists that you can easily be overwhelmed. In Hôtel du Château they thought of that. They have a pool hidden in their garden where you can relax and a private parking only for guests. The perfect hideaway spot from all those people trying to visit Carcassonne. Besides a pool there is also a Jacuzzi and a carita spa with pool and hammam. Treatments are open for hotel guests and outsiders.

Hôtel du Château in Carcassonne is a family owned hotel. The family has 5 children and a lot of animals. The hotel even has its own hotel dog. You will see him sleeping in the hotel lobby or trying the hotels breakfast. On that note the hotel decided that for just 10 euro extra you can have your beloved pet in every room type. Besides this hotel the family also owns 3 other hotels in the area. They created a home away from home.

Creating the feeling of being at home is very important for the staff of Hôtel du Château. Helping you with all your questions about the area and taking care of your luggage are just two things that give you that feeling. But they also offer a 24 hours’ panoramic bar. Instead of having a mini bar in your room they opted to open the bar downstairs 24/7. This way you can have a drink and enjoy a splendid view on the medieval city. The breakfast is also served in this bar. On the breakfast menu are only local products that are typical for France. Every product is hand-picked by the team.

The hotel has a room for everyone’s liking. A total of 16 different rooms. Every room has a different color theme and special styling. Although the interior in every room is different we had the feeling the French touch was in all of the rooms. Find all the room types here, and book.

Our highlights of this hotel were the splendid view of the medieval city, the traditional breakfast and the hotel dog.

Have you been to Carcassonne?

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