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Grand Hotel Ghent

In most big cities you will find a Grand hotel. Maybe you find them even too often. Hotels try to use that name to suggest its luxury and style. But what is it that makes a hotel truly Grand? Let us give you an example with this Grand Hotel Ghent.

Everything you would expect from a grand hotel, you can find at the Grand Hotel in Ghent. A spa, gastronomic restaurant, underground parking and more. There are a couple of extra facilities that you don’t often find a hotel. A tailor for example. As a service to hotel guest, the tailor gives his help free of charge for minor things like sewing on a button. But also larger adjustments such as are tailoring or even getting yourself a suit made by hand with fabrics selected by you are possible. With the use of the best fabrics in the world provided by SCABAL you are certain to get the best of the best. This is, of course, not included in the hotel price.

Parking in the underground car park is also very welcome. This is not something you find easily in hotels, located in big cities like Ghent. With one of the elevators you can easily get up to the hotel and you’re on your way. One of the elevators is private though. It is only operational with the use of one special key that gives access to one specific room. The presidential suite.

The best room you can get in Ghent at a very affordable price, if you compare it to similar rooms in cities like Milan or Paris, that would easily charge 3 to 10 times more. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, balcony, spacious living room combined with a private elevator to the car park, makes this suite perfect for people that like their privacy or need to be discrete. Big stars like Lady Gaga have stayed in this room for obvious reasons.

Although the Grand Hotel Ghent has a very classic style in public areas, the rooms are very modern and are therefore perfect for a bigger range of people. Thanks to its location it is one of the best if not the best choice for a trip to Ghent. 

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