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Yamazato – Traditional Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine*

Japanese cuisine is one of the finest in the world. Something that you can experience at Yamazato, Amsterdam. Located on the ground floor of the Okura hotel. Yamazato was awarded a Michelin star in 2002. The first traditional kaiseki restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star outside of Japan. Kaiseki is one of the finest cuisines in Japan and considered the haute cuisine of Japan. Kaiseki is based on smaller portions that are more refined and focus on the pure taste of each dish.

The restaurant is decorated in traditional Japanese style and every single act reflects the rich Japanese culture. The décor, clothing and rituals. The waitresses are wearing traditional kimonos. The rituals reflect all the way to the kitchen where your food is prepared in a traditional manner, based on the Japanese tea ceremonies. Tables and chairs like we know in Europe are the standard at Yamazato. For the ones that would like the dining setting, traditional seating is available.

Most Europeans will think of sushi when it comes to the Japanese cuisine. Although true, it is just one of the many dishes that find their origin in Japan. For the true sushi lovers, a sushi counter is present at Yamazato.  We highly recommend having a look at it but really take your time to sit down at one of the tables overlooking the gardens to dive into all the other goodness Yamazato has to offer.

The little Japanese garden is at its best during spring and summer. To immerge yourself in Japanese culture it is recommended to visit early in order to see how the last beams of sunlight hit the garden.

YamazatoA beautiful seasonal menu will be presented to you where raw ingredients and perfection play a major role.  The sommelier will ask you for a wine or Sake pairing. For those who would like to get most out of their visit we recommend the Sake, a Japanese rice wine. Before you do, try some first. Sake is unlike anything you find in Europe and can be overwhelming for those who never had it before. Ask the sommelier for advice.

To be honest, it is very hard to pick between the sushi counter and the traditional Kaiseki cuisine. With extraordinary sushi not being available much in Europe, getting a chance to try some at Yamazato is something any lover of Japanese cuisine should try. On the other hand, to experience more, the Kaiseki kitchen is a must. Ideally you would try both on separate days.

Book your table here and make sure to ask for a table with a view on the garden.

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