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Top 3 touristic places in Japan

I knew this was going to be a tricky question because how can you just pick three places? Marlies from Golden Mirrors and Pink Bows did answer this question as I would do. By giving us different options. I guess if I have to pick just one from her list I would go for Miyajima. I’m a huge nature lover and the ropeway is already calling my name.

Top 3 touristic places in Japan

It’s hard to pick only three. But you can’t go to Japan and not visit Tokyo. So that would be a first touristic point. There’s so much to do and visit there, that you could easily stay three weeks without getting bored. My favorites there were the temple between Shibuya and Shinjuku in the Yoyogi Park, Ebisu for wandering around and eating venues and Akihabara for its craziness. But as far as Tokyo concerns, we didn’t have enough time to see it all.


The second one is Miyajima, as I pointed out in the question above. If you’re not into nature and all, you can still go by the way. It has magnificent sights and you can access the mountain by ropeway. We did climb the mountain and took the ropeway down, but most suggest it the other way around.


The third one is the bicycle tour through Kyoto. At first I thought it would be lame, since it’s so ‘normal’ to go biking. But in the end we had so much fun and we saw so many beautiful things in one day, that I would do it again without any doubt. It’s about 7 euros to rent a bike for 24 hours. There are lots of companies all over the city where you can rent one. You get a map and you just set out. Kyoto is not a big city like Tokyo. It’s a lot older and less busy. It doesn’t have all the flashy lights and is a lot more traditional.

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