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Buy Now, Stay Later & Hotel Credits Initiative Launched to Help the Hospitality Industry

Buy Now, Stay Later & Hotel Credits Initiative Launched to Help the Hospitality Industry
You can now buy hotel bonds to help support workers in the hospitality industry.

With COVID19’s glaring effects on the economy, it’s not a guessing game to know that the hospitality industry is one of those affected the most. Oxford Economics even published a study stating that millions of people who work in hotels may lose their jobs. 

Although the situation may be bleak to some, there are people stepping up to save what they can of the tourism industry. Initiatives such as Buy Now, Stay Later and Porter and Sail’s Hotel Credits program were recently established to keep various hotels afloat. 


Buy $100 now and redeem them for $150 later

@Buy Now, Stay Later website

The Buy Now, Stay Later initiative calls those who are interested to stay in a hotel later this 2020 to purchase hotel bonds $100 increments. Once ready to book a night or two after the 60-day maturation, customers will then receive a value of $150 for every $100 spent.

Those who’d like to book a stay or purchase a “hotel bond” must click the “Get Your Bond” button. After, they will be directed to interact with the hotel itself via email. 

Listed hotels are limited at the moment but they’re urging hotel owners to participate and join in on the initiative on their website


Hotel Credits program

@Porter & Sail Hotel Credits program website

Travel app Porter & Sail also posts daily deals for hotel night stays for 17 properties worldwide on their website. Customers don’t need to set a date for their stay and all are redeemable later on. 

There’s no limit to how many hotel credits to purchase. Customers will get a digital voucher and the redemption details within 24 to 72 hours. Simply call the hotel itself to give the name and reference number on the voucher once ready to book a date. 

Customers will often get a $100 discount as $300 hotel vouchers only sell for $200

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