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Grand Park Orchard

Grand Park Orchard
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Grand Park Orchard

Right on top of the Apple store on Orchard road you will find the Grand Park Orchard hotel. Orchard road is the main shopping street of Singapore. The location of this hotel is therefore not something to complain about. But besides the location it has a lot more to offer.

The iconic exterior is something people will recognize as one of the landmarks on Orchard road. A giant screen facing the street that makes you feel like being in a city like New York. Once inside you are welcomed and accompanied to the 4th floor where your check in will take place. Away from all the busyness from the main street. For those that booked a room with club access, you will be accompanied to the club lounge for an even more exclusive check-in experience.

Most rooms will give you a view on Orchard road. An interesting feature of the rooms is the mobile phone on your desk. You are free to take it with you outside of the hotel to make calls, have internet access and get all the information you need on restaurants and attractions right from the palm of your hand. When back, simply put it back in its stand to charge again. A real lifesaver for people that are new to the city.

The club lounge is a real treat. The afternoon tea is a good filler for those that did some heavy shopping. If that was not enough for you, come back in the early evening for a glass of champagne with a small bite to eat. All that before going back down to the Mitzo restaurant. Both good for lunch and dinner.

Mitzo offers a wide range of modern dim sum. Some are really surprising and worth a try. If you are unable to choose from the selection, try one of the menus that offer a variety of tastes. After dinner take a walk to the bar. The first thing you will notice is the unique styling with a jellyfish tank behind the bar. The mixologists behind the bar are one of the finest you can find in the city. Ask for a smoked drink and you will get a real treat.

All in all, Grand park Orchard delivers everything you would need from a hotel. Especially for the ones that come to Singapore for shopping. We highly recommend to book a room with club access. The benefits that come with it are worth the upgrade and will help you settle after your busy day. Even for business travelers that would like to have a place to work at the end of the day while enjoying a drink without being stuck in the room.

Find your best deal here and treat yourself to a relaxing few days in Singapore.

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