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Best place to experience the ‘real’ Japan

Marlies from Golden Mirrors and Pink Bows gives her advice on the best place to experience the ‘real’ japan. This featured picture is way too cute. I want to pet this deer too! When are we going to Japan?

What is the best place to experience the ‘real’ Japan?

Japan has many faces and we only visited the most-known cities. We didn’t go up to the mountains or visited the countryside. But still, in my opinion there’s the Old Japan, with its tempels and religions. And there’s the New Japan, with big cities and skyscrapers. The two sometimes merge into one another which makes it an odd thing to see. For example: there’s this beautiful old temple in Tokyo and they managed to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower just behind it. It’s like two worlds that don’t belong together, but in one way or the other you kinda accept it there.

Both sides are beautiful and unique. The temples are surrounded by an atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else. There’s something magical about them, which makes you wonder and stand still for a moment. The perfect place to think and sit by yourself for a while. Really impressive!

The big cities and the country life is a total opposite, but it is so typical Japan that you cannot miss it. There are shops and restaurants everywhere. Literally everywhere! In the basement, on the top floors and on all the other floors. It’s unbelievable. There are lights and screens everywhere. Image it being like Times Square but much bigger and in every single street. It’s crazy. And the amount of people is also breathtaking. You should definitely visit Shibuya Crossing, being the busiest crossroads in the world. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before!

If you’re more into the Old Japan and if you like nature, you should most definitely spend a day in Miyajima. It’s an island, which you can visit by ferry. The most well-known Torii (Holy Gate) is situated there. It’s a very religious island and in the past women were not allowed on it. Today you can climb the mountain, visit the temples and take the ropeway. At sea-level it’s very touristy, but you just need to go past that. Just like in Nara (another must go!) there are wild deers. Most of them are very friendly and let you pet them. However, even if they might get aggressive towards you, you cannot do anything to fight back, because the deer is a Holy animal in Japan.

If you’re a city kinda girl/boy then I would recommend Tokyo and Osaka, but in fact all cities are large and look more or less the same. Just walk in and out of all the shops, visit some arcades, wander through the streets, look at all those high and crazy shaped buildings, eat sushi and just enjoy the lights.

Q: What’s your favorite place in Japan?


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