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3 Trips to Go On After the Coronavirus Travel Ban

3 Trips to Go On After the Coronavirus Travel Ban

Admit it or not, the pandemic completely changed how we travel. Sure, demand is still high, but people are more wary now than ever. But that’s the thing with travel—the call to go on one trip after another is stronger than we’d like to admit! Once the Coronavirus travel ban has been lifted, we recommend to take it slow and explore these 3 types of travel instead:

#1 Take in the great outdoors

The Coronavirus travel ban may be lifted eventually but social distancing might be the new normal. This, however, doesn’t mean that you completely have to stop traveling! Instead, why not opt for something a bit more remote? 

Somewhere you can relax and have nature as your backdrop? Maybe participate in an outdoor activity or two. This way, you won’t have to go to destinations overflowing with people. 

Recommendation: Countries in Southeast Asia or Africa have verdant escapes that make walking among nature a treat! It also helps that countries in these continents are quite in touch with their culture and it just adds to your overall travel experience. 


#2 Support local hotels and go on a staycation


As tempting it is to jump on a plane after the Coronavirus travel ban has been lifted, reconsider and go for something more local instead. All hospitality-based businesses all over the world took a hit during these trying times and this is the perfect way to contribute to your local tourism! 

It also would be nice to change your environment after weeks safely confined in your house. A staycation is the best way to experience a new place without hopping from one destination to another. 

Recommendation: Check out and support the boutique hotels or AirBnbs in your area! Every city or country is bound to have one that you’ve never even thought of checking out before. 


#3 Go on a wellness retreat


Months at home quarantine and constantly being exposed to news about the pandemic can take a huge mental toll on any person. One way to combat it? Go soul searching! There are tons of spiritual and wellness retreats all over the world. You may even find one in your own country. 

Recommendation: European and Asian countries are often the places people go to if they want to recharge and reboot. There are also hidden gems in South America so that may also be worth checking out. 

How about you? Are you daydreaming about an upcoming trip or making a few plans you can implement once the Coronavirus travel ban is lifted? 

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