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Ritz Carlton Bahrain

Ritz Carlton Bahrain
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Ritz Carlton Bahrain

Take a walk through the gardens of 1000 palm trees at the Ritz Carlton, Bahrain. A title that used to be dedicated to the Kingdom of Bahrain but is still very much true for this hotel.

Something that impresses you once you walk out of the hotel and into the gardens is the scale of it. With several pools, restaurants and a private beach, you have the feeling of walking down a boulevard. With a total of 11 restaurants and bars, it is a journey on its own. Bahrain offers beautiful scenery, buildings, markets and museums. But for the ones looking to combine the culture with relaxation and comfort, this is the number 1 place to be.

Photo: @Ritz Carlton Bahrain

The hotel has been renovated. The new rooms offer great styling, space and a view over the gardens and the see. The light colors make you feel at home and will please most guests, regardless of your taste. It is not the rooms that attract the visitor here. It is all the rest.

With 11 restaurants, each with their own unique cuisine, you could have dinner in a different one every single night for a week and be surprised every single time. They range from French, Mexican to Indian, Thai and anything in between. A mistake often made in hospitality is that, even though you offer multiple restaurants, you can feel, and sometimes even taste, that you are in the same hotel. Not here. The styling of each one of them is unique, refreshing, traditional to their kitchen and are as close as you can get to the local food.

Although we would love to tell you about all of them, there are a few that we would like to highlight and keep some a secret for you visit.

Cantina Kahlo

A Mexican restaurant with both a Mexican chef and manager. They are the perfect team. What makes this place special is the local Mexican food. We all know the Mexican taco restaurants but have you tried original Mexican food? The chef insisted in staying close to his heart with the dishes and it turned out perfectly. It is unlike anything you have ever tried before and for those who are Mexican. It has been described as “like coming home” by Mexican guests. A must try, the fried avocado’s.


Step into this romantic setup and you know you stepped into a piece of India. The live music played at dinner to relax and get in the mood enhances this feeling. Something that stands out here is the staff. Friendly, respectful and knowledgeable. They can tell you everything you would like to know about Indian culture, food and history. You will struggle with making the right choices and order too much. That is almost a guarantee.

French Gourmet Lounge

Homemade petit four, cake, macarons and more. All in a French styled lounge. Like all the others, it is like stepping into France. With big open windows and enough natural daylight coming in, it is perfect for afternoon high tea. Dress up and feel fancy while drinking tea with sweet delights. If you feel like more, order some at the counter to take to your room and travel to France once more with every bite you take.

Sitting at the beach you will see a large private island hosting private villas. With traditional beach styling, 450 m2 of space, private pool and 24h butler service it is perfect for families with children. It will make the walk down the hotel boulevard even better, as it feels even more like a night out.


Photo: @Ritz Carlton Bahrain

The Ritz Carlton Bahrain offers several unique signature experiences. For those who would like a VIP shuttle service, 2 Rolls Royce’s are available to drive you to anywhere you want. It is that extra bit of luxury some of us desperately need. Last but not least, a private yacht is available for guest who would rather travel over sees or just want to enjoy a lovely afternoon with a cocktail party at the end.

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