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Ritz Carlton Doha

One of the hardest decisions to make when doing a renovation is, what style to choose, what colors to use and what furniture to place. So many people, so many tastes. You cannot please everyone. Nevertheless, the styling you choose should be in fashion for at least the next 10 to 15 years. Not an easy task. The Ritz Carlton Doha nailed the styling if you ask us. Use of the right colors and a healthy mix between modern styling with a classic and stylish feel to it. We have seen many hitting the nail wrong or picking a styling that is too risky or old fashioned. The new rooms clearly highlight the new direction The Ritz is taking in order to up their game. They are well designed, well equipped all using the right materials for that luxurious feel. We feel that with these upgrades, Ritz Carlton is raising themselves in the hospitality ladder. The Ritz Carlton Doha is a great example of that.

Ritz Carlton DohaThe next step for The Ritz Carlton Doha is to renovate their restaurants, which is planned for next year. Honestly, we cannot wait to revisit and see the results. Some parts have already been restyled and it is a big promise for what is still to come. On the top floor you will find the executive lounge and French bistro. We particularly liked the lounge. Besides the styling being great, you will have a spectacular view over the area. From morning till evening you will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, snacks, tea time and more. Mainly the breakfast is must do. Calming, while enjoying the view with freshly made to order dishes and fresh juices that you create yourself by selecting the ingredients. It is the perfect spot in the afternoon for work, if you want to get out of you room.

Ritz Carlton DohaNo matter what food you like, there is something for you. From traditional Italian to the French bistro. The French bistro, La Mer, is one of the restaurants that has been updated already. And to be honest, the food is better than most bistro’s you will find in Paris. Another big highlight is the Italian restaurant Porcini. What most people think of when hearing Italian is Pizza and Pasta. Porcini offers more than that. Classic Italian fine dining that will entertain your taste buds for a whole evening.

Ritz Carlton DohaSomething we have not seen often in a hotel is a full size Olympic swimming pool. The indoor pool of The Ritz Carlton Doha offers space for those that want to really use the pool for sports. It could be a morning routine to stretch the muscles or a cardio workout. It is a blessing for those who want to avoid the crowd seeking fun in the outdoor pools.

Ritz Carlton DohaAll in all, this hotel is definitely one to consider when you are visiting Doha. Located right next the new cultural park Katara, upgraded brand new rooms, with all the facilities they offer to their guests make this one of your best choices for either a business or leisure visit. If, however you are more into the resort type, have a look at Sharq Village here.

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