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Paris must do list

Making lists makes life so much easier. At least that’s what I do all the time. Even when I’m traveling. I write down all the things I want to see, everything I want to do and all the places I want to visit. Print this ‘Paris Must Do List’ out if you’re looking for some inspiration for your trip to Paris.

1. Have breakfast like the French do

Baguette, butter and a croissant. That’s all you’ll need to start your day just like a Frenchman.

2. Take a walk through Jardin des Tuileries

Paris parcs

If you’re on your way towards the Louvre you might as well walk through Jardin des Tuileries. Watch the Parisians jog or just relax after walking your way through Paris. You’ll have an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower.

3. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower

There is no way you’re going to Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower. You can take the stairs like I did or make it yourself easy and take the elevator. If you had too much of the delicious culinary treats of France it’s better to take the stairs 😉 I know!

4. Admire the Notre Dame Cathedral

The building itself is quite impressive. Especially at night it holds even more mysteries.

5. Climb the stairs of Montmartre to the Sacre Coeur

I promise you amazing views but the way up is also breathtaking. In both ways of the word. Located on Montmartre there is no better place for some people watching or a short stop for some tea and biscuits.

6. Cruise along the River Seine

There are multiple options to explore Paris. One of them is by boat. I would definitely recommend doing this by night. All the lights of Paris will blind you. It’s magical when the Eiffel Tower lights up!

7. Explore all the art at the Louvre

Paris Must do Louvre

There is so much more than just the Mona Lisa so please explore all the Louvre has to offer. If you want to see all I guess you’ll need weeks. The painting just across the Mona Lisa caught my eye and I stayed there watching for 30 minutes. Just WOW! Did you know that the Mona Lisa was stolen? On 21 of August 1911 someone took it and kept it under his shirt, walking out of the museum unseen after closing. It wasn’t that famous back then and it took the museum a couple of days before they noticed it was gone. 2 years later when it was found it got its fame and its value.

8. Go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe Paris must do #paris #mustdoparis #arcdetriomphe

Great view over the Champs-Elysees and all the little streets of Paris. Worth climbing up the stairs for. Again some more stairs. I guess Parisians love stairs.

9. Discover the Champs-Elysees

Every street in Paris is worth discovering but the Champs-Elysees is so famous you have to see it once.

10. Relive childhood memories in Disneyland Paris

What better place to act like a child than in Disneyland Paris. I love that place and all the magic you’ll see/experience there. Top tip! January and November are the most quiet periods. If you visit during these periods you will be almost alone.

11. Shop at Galeries Lafayette

Biggest shopping department store in Paris. The decoration there alone is worth your visit!

12. Walk around the Versailles Palace and Gardens

Versailles Palace and the Gardens around it are outside of the city center but are so worth exploring. I’ve been there in summer (the gardens are closed in winter) so make sure to plan your visit when you can do both. I loved strolling around the gardens and getting lost. You can even rent a bike or golf cart to explore the site. Top tip! If you plan a visit to Versailles, walk through the gardens first and explore the guest houses. During the day busses full of tourists will enter Versailles creating long queu’s. Wait until those leave to enter the Palace. Usually 2 hours before closing time is fine. You will have no queu and still plenty of time to see everything.

Q: What is your must do tip for Paris?

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  • Eva
    March 11, 2016, 7:30 pm

    Ik wil zo graag nog eens terug naar Parijs! Ben er een paar jaar geleden geweest met school maar toen hebben helaas niet zo heel veel gezien… hoop er dit jaar nog een keer naartoe te gaan 🙂

  • Kevin Wagar
    April 11, 2016, 7:02 pm

    Hahaha, this pretty much mapped out our first day in Paris! Great tips!

  • Marlies
    April 15, 2016, 4:40 pm

    Yes, ik kan dit bijna allemaal aftikken 😉 Behalve de Arc De Triomphe heb ik nog nooit beklommen. Maar da’s weer een reden om terug te gaan naar Parijs 😉

    En leuk weetje ook van de Mona Lisa, wist ik eigenlijk niet!

  • Trees Rotteveel
    April 1, 2017, 1:25 pm

    Thanks for this list. Versailles Palace and Gardens sounds great as well as all the other things.

  • John
    June 16, 2022, 6:28 am

    Well looks like 1 day of my Paris trip has been mapped out. Thank you