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Tunisia, so much more than just sand

That there is a lot of sand that is certain, but Tunisia is more than that. It is a country where tradition and tourism go hand in hand. The well-preserved Medina’s are a must-do in Tunisia. Be aware, however, that every shop owner wants to sell you souvenirs. So you must take the pushy salespeople as it is their culture. I have visited the medina of Sousse and Monastir.

beach tunisia

There are a lot more activities to plan while in Sousse. Stroll through the many small streets, enjoy a typical mint tea in one of the cafés on the beach or go shopping. From Port El Kantaoui to Sousse with a taxi is about 15 minutes. You pay about 20 Dinar round trip.

Port-El-Kantaoui Tunisia

Monastir is a lot further from Port El Kantaoui. The taxi ride takes about one and a half hours and will cost you about 50 Dinar round trip. Here you can visit the mausoleum of the former president of Tunisia, as well as a medina. In addition you will also find a museum that was closed for renovation work during our visit.

Mausoleum Tunisia

As it was a relaxing holiday for me I have spent more time on the beach. The beautiful beaches are perfectly for a relaxing vacation.

Beacher in tunisia

Tunisia flowers

If you would like more information feel free to leave a comment.

P.S. Where should we go next in Tunisia?


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