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Ritz Carlton Doha – Sharq Village

Ritz Carlton Doha – Sharq Village
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Ritz Carlton Sharq Village

What if a luxury hotel felt like a local village? Luxury hotel and resorts are nice but often lack the local feel. Sure a boutique hotel would be a good option but you lose most of the facilities a resort or grand hotel offers. That is where Sharq Village Ritz Carlton in Doha – Qatar is the perfect mix of a boutique hotel and resort.

On one hand, you have all the facilities you would expect from a resort, like restaurants, spa (more about that in a minute), private beach, multiple pools, and activities. On the other hand, you have rooms located in villa’s, setup in such a way you feel like walking down a middle eastern village. Hence the name Sharq Village. White large villa’s numbered 1 to 14 cover the rounds of Sharq Village. Every single one of them containing multiple rooms on 2 floors. Each one has a small garden as a centerpiece, providing more privacy. Nr. 13 is missing to prevent bad luck. The way they are styled from both the inside and outside make you feel like walking down the streets of Doha. Large paths with fountains and lots of green enhance this feeling. Walk down the heart of it all and you will find an iconic pool with palm trees in and around them. Beautiful at night too, with little lights inside the pool creating a star-like effect.

The main reception area is grand and they welcome you with a cup of Qatari coffee and fresh dates. In and around the main building you will find restaurants, a little market and a relaxing sitting area for tea or coffee.

One of the key reasons to visit Sharq Village is the spa. Not only the largest in Qatar but also the most beautiful. Managed by the Six Senses with beautiful décor, it is a must when staying at the Sharq Village. Just like the resort, the spa has been set up to look like a village. Even more so than the resort. Buildings are placed close together and been designed to resemble the traditional Qatari styling. We recommend to spend a day here at least and try the traditional hammam and signature massages. What most visitors do not know before visiting is that inside the spa village lies multiple relaxing areas with private pools. Most guests find out about this once entering the spa. So here is your little extra. Visit at least an hour early to enjoy some fresh ginger tea at the pool.

Sharq Village is managing a restaurant in the center of Doha called Parisa. Its styling is incredible and definitely worth the visit. It is located in the heart of the Doha souq Waqif. Make sure to reserve a table to ensure the best spot. If you prefer to stay in the resort, there is only one option that is a must try. Reserve a gazebo. It is truly a magical experience. Have your food on the beach surrounded by candle light and a beautifully decorated table. Perfect to surprise a loved one or to celebrate. They are numbered 1 to 6. Nr 3 offers the best view but nr 6 is placed on a larger part of the beach with potentially more candles. So it is up to you.

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