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Marriott International Launches Global Cleanliness Council

Marriott International Launches Global Cleanliness Council

With over 90 years of commitment to quality and high-standard service, Marriott International decides to take it up a notch in the cleanliness department as a response to the global pandemic. 

President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Arne Sorenson, said, “We are living in a new age, with COVID-19 front and center for our guests and our associates.” 

While social distancing is heavily implemented, the leading hotel chain takes this as their chance to make some changes that can help safeguard the health of their patrons. 


Implementation of a council

One of their biggest action steps toward reframing the way the hotel implements cleanliness standards is by establishing their own Global Cleanliness Council. The group will be chaired and headed by Ray Bennett, the Chief Global Officer of Marriott International’s Global Operations. 

The Council is assigned to take in the advice of health experts. Their priority is to assess how it will be better implemented in Marriott International hotels. This information will be gathered from both outside and in-house experts, and will be used to develop new guest protocols for a higher bar of cleanliness. 

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New cleaning regimen

Marriott International is also revamping their cleaning protocols for their hotels. Focus areas include surfaces, guest interaction, and food safety. 

For starters, Marriott International will be increasing the sanitation frequency of surface areas, especially when it comes to public spaces. They will also start placing disinfecting wipes in each hotel room. 

Direct, person-to-person interaction is also something that Marriott International will also keep an eye on. They plan on adding signages in public areas that will remind Marriott guests to practice social distancing. 

Addition of front desk partitions are being considered to protect the health of hotel staff and receptionists. Hand sanitizing stations will also be installed at hotel entrances, social spaces, and front desks. 

Guests can now also have the option to use their phones to check in, access their rooms, make special requests and order room service without extended contact with another person.

Lastly, Marriott International continues to keep a keen eye on the food they serve to hotel guests. They’re looking into modifying their dining and buffet experiences and have implemented stricter training for their kitchen staff.  

“We want our guests to know that we are doing everything we can to welcome them back to a safe and clean hotel environment when they start traveling again,” Global Cleanliness Council Chairperson Ray Bennett said. 

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Combatting virus spread 

Marriott International also has their own fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the next few months, the hotel will be rolling out enhanced technologies. They’ll start using electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant to help sanitize surfaces of the hotel. 

It will have the highest disinfectant classification recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization. Marriot International will be using this in all guest rooms and other public places of Marriott hotels. 

Additionally, Marriott International will be testing ultraviolet light technology that will help sanitize guest keys and devices. 


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