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How to travel in Luxury on a budget without compromises

How to travel in Luxury on a budget without compromises

We believe that luxury travel is something worth splurging for. You know when they say that money can be earned back while time is lost to you forever if you don’t take advantage of it? And what better way to make the most out of your time than by building and creating memorable experiences.

…but that doesn’t mean we also wouldn’t jump into the opportunity to save a few bucks! 

So if you’re someone who’s been looking forward to traveling luxuriously, know that you don’t always have to throw away all your hard-earned money. 

Here’s a list of five ways you can save while still experiencing the best things the travel industry has to offer.


1. Use cashback apps

Cashback apps are probably the internet gods’ gift to the human race. In fact, I believe they’re one of the reasons why luxury travel on a budget is possible. The general idea is that you spend… and then you get some money back. It’s like they’re even paying you for shopping or booking. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

For a start, look for sites like Ebates or ask your credit card provider if they have a rewards program. 

Next thing you know, you’ve earned back enough to pay for that 5-star restaurant you’ve been eyeing without spending a dime.

Photo: @Chalabala

2. Don’t visit during peak season

Everyone knows this tip but it’s worth repeating: If you really want to visit a country but would rather not spend the unnecessary cash, don’t go during peak season. 

Rates during peak months can get expensively high and you’ll also be competing with an influx of tourists. Not the best way to experience the city. Certainly not the best time if you want to experience luxury travel on a budget.

In the tropics, it’s worth going during the early weeks of the rainy season. This way, you’ll still get to enjoy the beaches without worrying about the rain constantly ruining your vacation. 

For Europe, spring and autumn months are just a bit past peak season and still has the perfect climate to go gallivanting around countries. 

Do your research on which months will be the best time to travel to a specific country. Chances are that December will be expensive for all destinations because of the Christmas season. 


3. Compare flights

You may already have a trusted airline that’s been your go-to for years now. However, if you stick to just that airline provider, you might be missing out on a few deals. 

This is where sites like Skyscanner and Kayak comes in handy. There’s this tip that you should book flights in incognito mode as prices can increase the more you search a particular route. While others say that it’s not really effective, it’s still worth a shot.

Use websites like Secretflying.com to find super deals or error fares. These websites look for secret deals that will fly you business class around the world for less than an economy tickets. Sometimes tickets drop as low as $10. Yes airlines make mistakes too. Be quick, because these deals are often only available for a few hours or sometimes just minutes before the errors get fixed. Sometimes your ticket might get cancelled but often they are going to honor the rate.


4. Watch out for deals in your inbox

Airlines, hotels and restaurants, credit card providers, and cashback apps sometimes like to provide the best deals for their loyal subscribers by alerting them first on a recent promotion (or even reserving that deal specifically for them)! 

For easy searching, just type in the % symbol. It won’t give you all the travel deals immediately but at least most of your emails are already filtered out so you can go straight to the deals and discounts. 

Photo: @lira_n4

5. Negotiate with hotels

In low season when hotels run on low occupancy, it is possible to get better deals than you would find online. Not many people do this but a simple call to the hotel can get you a better rate, free breakfast or even a free upgrade to a suite. It doesn’t hurt to try and you will be surprised at how often hotels will give you extras.

Photo: @elli.rocker

6. Get a Citypass

Top tourist destination spots have citypasses that are a bang for your buck! Here’s a few ones to show you the perks when availing one in some European countries (because everyone knows how expensive it can get in this part of the world!):

The London Pass – Up to 80 attractions. Saves you more than £130. 

The Paris Pass – Free entrance to 60+ destinations. Fast track privileges in some spots. Free Paris Visite Pass for free travel between zones 1-3. 

The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass – Free entry to top destinations (which usually costs around £15 to £32 for the entrance) . Hop-on hop-off bus tour. 


Any tips on luxury travel on a budget you think is worth sharing? Help us make the most of our travels while still making our wallets happy by leaving a comment below!


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