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Christiania Teater Hotel Oslo

Christiania Teater Hotel Oslo
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Christiania Teater

In the heart of Oslo you will find the Nationaltheatret. Almost right in front of it is a boutique hotel called Christiania Teater. You would think it has got its name because of the National Theatre but you couldn’t be more wrong. Hidden inside the building is another theatre.

The small boutique hotel has recently been bought by Nordic Choice Hotels, owned by Petter Stordalen. His vision for how all his hotels should be run is in our eyes one of the best. The most important factor in any hotel is the staff. No matter how good your hotel is, if the service provided by the staff is not of the best it will ruin your whole hotel experience.

During our stay we felt incredibly welcome and all the employees were amazingly friendly. One even took the time to do some research for us for our round trip through the country, contact possible hotels for us to find out if they had any availability. We even spend a whole evening together with two of the employees at the reception desk after their work hours.

One of the employees took us to the hidden space behind the hotel and boy were we amazed. A full size theater lies behind the bar. It is not often used but plans are already there to restore it to its original beauty.

The rooms in the hotel are spacious and modern. The overall finish is good and you can see the attention for details. From the high quality furniture to the beautiful wallpaper. Everything matches and make you feel welcome. Inside the building you will find art and decoration that really makes this place stand out from the others. Especially in the lobby, bar and wine bar. Yes you heard that right. 2 bars in one hotel.


What makes this place even more unique is the breakfast. Single-handedly the best we have had in a hotel so far. Not only will you find everything you need and more, the freshness is outstanding. Instead of serving large amounts on a plate they will place smaller portions and replace them when necessary. This will guaranty the freshness of the food. After they renovated the place not only the quality of the food and drinks is good, the ambiance of the room is one of a kind.

What elements of service are important to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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