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Ritz Carlton Oman – Al Bustan Palace Oman

Ritz Carlton Oman – Al Bustan Palace Oman
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Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace

It is probably one of the most iconic hotels in Muscat – Oman, Al Bustan Palace by Ritz Carlton. Located between the stunning Hajar mountains and shimmering sea, offering guests an of grid feel when staying here. The large gardens offer enough space to have a walk, either through them or at the beach side. The surrounding mountains give this hotel a calm feel and total privacy. Walk a little further and you will find the Six Senses Spa. More about that later on.

Al Bustan PalaceThe former palace, shaped more like a ford than a palace, has one of the most iconic entrances you will find in Oman. A large fountain as a center piece with a grand chandelier like no other, hanging from the 9th floor all the way down. The hexagon shaped hotel offers rooms all around with either mountain or sea view. The 9th floor offers a special suite that nobody is allowed to enter. Not even the GM. A very mysterious place and worth talking about with the staff for a good story.

Al Bustan PalaceThe bottom floor rooms on the garden side offer a unique experience where your room has a small balcony that leads straight into a large pool. In theory, you would never have to use your front door. Simply swim into the gardens and to the restaurants. Of which one is at the beach side with the best of views and gazebos for the ones that would like that little extra. And what other to eat than seafood if you are at the sea side.

Photo: @Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace

What offers by far the best dining experience in The Ritz-Carlton of Muscat is their Chinese restaurant Mood. Whether you sit inside or out, the Chinese feel will resonate within you. If you are lucky enough you will get to experience an ancient old tea pouring ritual.

Al Bustan PalaceIn the later stages of 2017, Al Bustan Palace will close for big renovations. All the rooms, the lobby and other facilities will be renewed, and honestly, we cannot wait to see the results.

In the far end of the gardens, you will find the Six Senses Spa. Located in a very quiet area, that will give you enough peace and quietness to relax. Besides the location, they offer great spa experiences and treatments that you can only find in a Six Senses.

Al Bustan PalaceOman and Muscat offer great cultural experiences that visitors must try when visiting this wonderful country, that sadly enough has not been discovered by many people yet. Having said that, for those seeking a more relaxed stay, Al Bustan Palace is a great option. Or even if you are adventurous, coming back at the end of the day to relax at the beach or 50-meter infinity pool in the calm area that it is, is perfect.

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