Announcing our travel plans for the rest of 2016

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Making plans when you travel all the time is like a full time job on its own. Plans are changing all the time and it is difficult to keep everyone up to date to where we are and where we are going. So with this post we hope to clear up a lot of conversations and maybe connect with you somewhere in the world. Who knows what happens but this is what we have planned for the last 3 months of 2016.

I am writing this article in an airport in Paris waiting for our flight to Prague. So that will be our first new country that we can add to the ever growing list.

October: Malaga, Prague, Rome, London, France

We recently spend 2 weeks in sunny Malaga while our home country (Belgium) was facing Autumn we were swimming in the sea every morning at 8am. It was a time for me (Stéphanie) to spend some quality time with my mother before setting off to a lot more countries. Until now Spain is still my favorite country and I can imagine us living there one day.

Now it is time for Prague. We will spend some days in the city and explore the culinary highlights of this country. After Prague we have a short stop in Italy planned.

To be exact we are heading to Rome. It is the first time for Peter and we will definitely enjoy all the great Italian cuisine there. Gelato anyone? We will be staying in lovely hotels & explore the city in just 48 hours.

It will be a pretty busy October for us since after Rome we are going to the UK. London is calling me. It is a little embarrassing but I have never been there before. I have seen many pictures and heard even more stories but now we are finally going. I have been saying this for a year.

After the busy two weeks of more flight than sleep we will housesit in France for two weeks to catch up on some work and walk with 2 lovely dogs.

Avignon Tourist ExclusiveNovember: France, Barcelona

November 6 is an important day since Peter will turn 27 and that calls for celebration. We have no idea what we will do but it will involve a lot of ice cream. And because Peter calls me princess all the time we are going to stay in a castle for 2 weeks with a bunch of writers. We want to increase our professionalism in writing and spending time with people who actually write books will be a good starting point. Maybe our own book in 2017?

With almost 3 months in total spend in France it is time to hit the road. Barcelona here we come. It is my favorite city in the whole world and I will show Peter around for a week. Tapas, tinto de verano and lots of dancing. In reality that means working a lot and having a drink when we have business meetings.

December: Boston, Washington & Aruba

The first week of December it is time to get out of Europe and embark a completely new continent. We think this change of culture will give a big boost to our understanding of working hard on your dream. We will catch up with friends in Boston and Washington and spend a lot of time exploring shops and restaurants. Will we need winter jackets in December there? Because my suitcase will be filled with bikinis for Aruba.

Yes, that is right we will spend Christmas and New year on Aruba. For those who have never heard of this tiny island. Have a quick look in Google for some images of the whitest beaches you have ever seen. Last year we spent Christmas in Scandinavia (read our story here) and we decided that every year we will pick between snow or sun. This year sun won!

After the sun, and starting fresh in 2017, we will visit many more cities, countries and continents. We actually already have 7 flights booked for the first 12 weeks. Want to know where we are going? Tune in once in a while to read our future stories.

If any of you want to meet up in a city send us a message on Instagram or Facebook. We would love to get to know you! Tips or recommendations? Comment below!

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  • Claudia
    Posted at 02:44h, 20 October Reply

    Wow what an amazing itinerary! I have to admit I am so jealous that you already have the first 12 weeks of next year planned! We havent even thought about what we are going to do after this month… we said next year we will take it slower… lets see. I have been to Aruba many years ago and its so beautiful!

    • Stephanie Smolders
      Posted at 11:15h, 31 October Reply

      I am happy we have some things plannend yes. We have our tickets but that is just it. We still need to figure the hotels out ;-). Do you have your plans for next month ready? I am so looking forward to Aruba! White beaches and palmtrees for Christmas!

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