Our full-time travel adventure and how you can do it too

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Do you remember our article more than a year ago of how we started our adventure and sold all our belongings? (No? read it here).

We have come a long way from then. We have crossed oceans and country borders like there was no tomorrow. We have been traveling at a pace of an average of 1 country every month. We have seen 15 countries in the past 12 months. The shortest time in a country has been 48 hours, yes with leaving the airport. The longest is a stay in Indonesia for + 6 months.

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We get numerous questions daily on how to travel like we do. Let’s start off by telling you that is isn’t always as glamorous as it looks on the pictures. There are days that we don’t know where we will be and if we will have a bed to sleep in. Other days we spend more time in queues at airports than others in their entire life. Stephanie has been on the verge of a breakdown numerous times due to no food/sleep or worries.

These examples are just here to tell you that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. We might show you one example of a dream life and spark something but experience this on your own terms.

There are moments of the past year we will cherish forever. This adventure of traveling full time for a year has been life-changing for both of us. We have not only learned a lot about ourselves and each other but also about the world.

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Our most precious moments:

* living in a castle in France with 10 other inspiring entrepreneurs and travelers
* climbing a mountain in the desert of Oman
* couch surfing in the USA with David and in Oman with a Syrian teacher (who made the most amazing food for us!)
* 2 times a hotel completely for ourselves with staff (Aruba and Bali)
* the moments we shared with the staff of Ritz-Carlton Doha about following your dreams
* Connecting with people who took massive action to change their lives and do what they wanted to do (sometimes after talks with us)

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As you can see we don’t always spend our time in luxury 5-star hotels and fancy restaurants. Although this is 80% of our life we do look for balance. This contrasts gives us a deeper feeling of a country and reminds us why we started to travel in the first place. Inspire others to travel more and to indulge in all the wonders the world has to offer.

Now the clue of this story and why you clicked to read it: how you can travel more (or fulltime) too!

There is no sure game plan for this but these tips will help you a long way.

  1. Be sure on what you want to achieve

    Write down your goals and be very clear on what it is that you want out of life. Is it traveling in luxury, is it connecting with like-minded travelers, is it seeing all countries in the world, …
    It is okay to lose sight of these goals for some time. We sure have but in the end, it always comes down to the same goal. We want to know how the world works and inspire others to travel more!
    What is your goal? Let us know in the comments.

  2. Spend money on experiences instead of things

    Stephanie had been saving years to go on an adventure and Peter invested a lot in himself through education. When we had the plan to start traveling we knew we were going to sell everything we owned. We put up a strategy to save money over a period of time and started to learn new skills such as photography, social media, and writing. We wouldn’t buy any new things and would only invest in experiences. In our case, these were weekend trips to exclusive hotels to build up our knowledge and become an expert in the field. We spend a lot of time and energy in getting to know the market and our niche. We invested in a good DSLR camera and knowledge.

  3. Surround yourself with inspiring people

    Besides learning new skills having a network of people who inspire you gets you a long way. We went to numerous events and talked to a lot of experts in their field. This gave us the confidence to start tourist exclusive as a luxury travel website. We truly know what we are doing and we know that we always have people to count on. Stephanie had never sat down with CEO of multimillion corporations and now it is something she really looks forward to. It doesn’t frighten her anymore but gives her massive energy and inspiration.

  4. Take massive action

    Nothing is going to happen if you wait for it. Start going on adventures in your spare time, write content, make videos, build up your social media. Stop reading this and just start doing. There is no wrong first step in starting your dream life. Take the first step and just keep moving. Eventually, everything will fall into place! Everything you do is a step and will lead you to your goal. Just keep hustling.

  5. Be patient

    It may look that things happen for others overnight but just know that it is almost never true. Most of them have been working on other projects for years or even on the same project before there is even a little bit of traction. Keep putting in the work and know that one day it will pay off. We aren’t the same ‘Tourist Exclusive’ one year ago and we will be different in another 12 months. You will get better, you will travel more, you will have the dream life if you just want it bad enough.

What is your biggest goal? 

We would love to connect! Send us a message here or over on Instagram

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  • Michel van de Logt
    Posted at 03:54h, 13 November Reply

    This is a very inspiring but most of all honest post. Thanks for sharing!
    We love the tips above and totally agree. Sounds fun to follow you guys.

    We are just starting to create our dream in Bali and feel confident that with passion, surrounding ourself with inspiring people, hard work and patient we will get there 😀
    Our biggest goal for 2018 is organizing inspirational Yoga & Diving retreats where people who are stressed out or tangled up can unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

    Warm regards
    Diane and Michel

    • Stephanie - Tourist Exclusive
      Posted at 04:33h, 29 January Reply

      Thank you so much for this comment Michel!
      How is it in Bali?

      How is the planning of the retreats going? I’m looking forward to your plans!

      Hugs from Stéphanie

  • nico leggett
    Posted at 02:45h, 11 January Reply

    that was actually on point, the most honest thing i have read in a while. gives me hope thank you

  • jose josell
    Posted at 23:22h, 17 January Reply

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  • Kevin K. J. Belanger
    Posted at 17:43h, 11 February Reply

    Great post, balancing hopeful optimism with planning and focused vision. Though I presently ‘let the world come to me’, I traveled the world in the deep past before social media, when simply being able to use email got me a job that supported me in an erstwhile expensive Iceland. Bless, bless & hope we can Tesla Tour next time you visit the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC.

  • Dalia Chamaa
    Posted at 16:54h, 12 February Reply

    This is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing cheers! 💖❤💖

  • nana anima
    Posted at 07:03h, 21 April Reply

    This is very inspiring thank you for sharing I do have a dream of traveling the world and all the amazing places

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